Full It’s Showtime: Badr Hari vs. Gokhan Saki Results

Full It’s Showtime: Badr Hari vs. Gokhan Saki Results


It’s Showtime 55: Badr Hari vs. Gokhan Saki took place last night at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands. The event was headlined by Badr Hari‘s last fight inside the kickboxing ring, against no other than the long-time foe Gokhan Saki. Hari was able to knock down Sak three times in Round 1, to the joy of the ecstatic fans in the arena.

Co-main event of the night featured Daniel Ghita’s rematch with the reigning (now former) It’s Showtime Heavyweight Champion Hesdy Gerges. Ghita was able to dictate the pace during the fight, before flattening Gerges with a brutal left hook. Ghita (40-7) is now expected to square off against Errol Zimmerman in his first title defense, after “The Bonecrusher” viciously knocked out the 22-year old up and comer Rico Verhoeven on the same card.

Finally, Robin “Pokerface” van Roosmalen continued his impressive streak with a victory over Murat Direkci. Both fighters went toe-to-toe during all five rounds. The judges awarded RvR a 4 to 1 decision victory over Direkci, who announced his retirement after the fight.

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Main Card:

Heavyweight: Badr Hari def. Gokhan Saki by 1R TKO (3 Knockdowns)

Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Ghita def. Hesdy Gerges by 1R KO (Left Hook)

70MAX: Robin van Roosmalen def. Murat Direkci by Majority Decision (4-1)

Heavyweight: Errol Zimmerman def. Rico Verhoeven by 1R KO (Left Hook)

70MAX: Harut Grigorian def. Chris Ngimbi by 2R TKO (Cut)

Heavyweight: Anderson “Braddock” Silva def. Michael Duut by Unanimous Decision

Preliminary Fights:

Heavyweight: Tyrone Spong def. Melvin Manhoef by Unanimous Decision

73MAX Championship: L’houcine Ouzgni def. Yohan Lidon by Unanimous Decision

Heavyweight: Ben Edwards def. Ricardo van den Bos by Unanimous Decision

95MAX: Sahak Parparyan def. Mourad Bouzidi by Unanimous Decision

70MAX: Andy Ristie def. HINATA by 1R TKO (3 Knockdowns)

70MAX: Hafid el Boustati def. Henri van Opstal by Unanimous Decision

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Entity Entity

    Won because he got knocked down 3 times lol. No surprise K-1 isnt the biggest in my country.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/nochoice nochoice

    ? because stamping somebody into oblivion is so much better ?

    Does you’re country kick people when there down ??

    You must be an american !

    And let me geuss you didn’t see the fight, did you !

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Courtes Courtes

    yeah thats because wwe is..

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BruceLee Bruce Lee

    I didn’t see these fights. Are they worth tracking down? Are they available on line (legally)?

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/AntonGurevich Anton Gurevich

    I think HDNet will re-run this show. Every single fight was great. Top class event.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/knn03 knn03

    Anderson Silva is fighting heavyweight now huh

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/HunterB HunterB

    Good kickboxing fights, a lot of good finishes

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/x91-iNfiNiTi x91-iNfiNiTi


  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/darkenveloped darkenveloped

    If Badr fought Overeem again for a rubber match. I think we know what would happen…

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Courtes Courtes

    overeem would get ktfo , yes

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/KeithFarrell KeithFarrell

    You must be one of those cool guys who loves watching a guy who is out on his feet and may have already suffered a concusion get knocked out or take more damage. Nice guy

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/KeithFarrell KeithFarrell

    I doubt you will get them on line legally, but illegally yes.

    Great fights and I think if you enjoy kickboxing you need t watch the main event, the retirement fight of one of the all-time best in K-1 and a potential superstar in boxing in the future.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/KeithFarrell KeithFarrell

    It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense Hari leaving kickboxing, there are still some top name fighters he should face again, such as Ghita, Spong and even Schilt again.
    He looked amazing against one of the best kickboxers alive I just feel like he should stay in kickboxing a while but to be fair he mainlyused his hands last night and looked great doing it, I hope he does well in boxing.

    He has some issues mentally and can be a nutcase at times but I think he truly is a good guy.
    If you want to know more about him watch the hour long interview with him – “The Voice vs. Badri Hari”

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Courtes Courtes

    has something to do with more money in boxing matches i think, kickboxing isnt that booming anymore since the k1 bankrupt in japan