Ben Edwards: I’m a very KO or be KO’ed kind of guy

Ben Edwards: I’m a very KO or be KO’ed kind of guy


Competing on last month’s stacked It’s Showtime Leeuwarden card, Australian kickboxing star Ben Edwards got back in the win column taking a unanimous decision victory over Ricardo van den Bos to improve his overall record to 34-8-2.

The match-up, which would mark just one of a handful of his outings to reach the judges’ scorecards, saw a more methodical Edwards press the action, out-landing his opponent en-route to victory in his first effort of 2012.

“I’m actually pretty happy with that performance,” said Edwards. “Coming off of my last one, I just threw a lot of silly shots and smaller shots that just wasted my energy. So, my main goal for this one was to conserve my energy and pick my shots a little bit better.”

Known for his fierce finishing abilities, Edwards needed just 3:28 to conquer the K-1 World Grand Prix 2010 in Canberra, scoring three consecutive first-round knockouts to win the tournament in record time. Although more often than not you can expect the Super Heavyweight’s bouts to end abruptly, he understands the importance of having alternatives to a knockout, even if it’s not for a lack of trying.

“When you get to this level, there’s some tough guys and they can take some big shots. You can’t always rely on the knockout,” Edwards acknowledged. “And that was the problem in my last fight, I hit this guy with everything I had and he was still there – he wasn’t even rocked. So, at this level, if you hit somebody and they don’t fall over, you’ve got to have a plan B.”

A quick glance at his record, however, shows evidence that the judges’ haven’t always been friendly to “The Guvner.” In seven trips to the scorecards, only two have went in his favor, perhaps explaining his penchant for finishing things decisively.

“It’s only the second time in 47-fights that I’ve gone to decision and won. So, I’m a very knockout or be knocked out kind of guy,” explained Edwards. “I think the judges made the right call, but you never know with hometown decisions. In my hometown, the judges’ may give me the decision as well. But, I think they got it right this time.”

Up next for Edwards is expected to be Dutch kickboxer Rico Verhoeven, who suffered a first-round defeat at the same event. If victorious, the Australian will improve to 5-1 in his last six, and though he says a title shot is something he looks forward to in his fighting future, he admits that he may not be ready to take that step just yet.

“I would love to (get a title shot) down the track, but I’m not at that level yet. There’s guys that are definitely ahead of me. It’s definitely my goal to be fighting those guys, but I’m not ready for that at the moment,” said Edwards.

Not lost upon him was the importance of the card’s headlining bout, which featured Badr Hari squaring off with Gokhan Saki in a match that is expected to be “The Golden Boy’s” last in kickboxing. As Edwards continued to make his ascension up the Heavyweight latter on this night, an accomplished legend, in Hari, made his exit from the sport with a victory of his own.

Badr Hari is the most popular guy in the sport – he’s very exciting. He’s the most exciting fighter in kickboxing,” said Edwards. “He’s a very strong character, and he’s done a lot of controversial things, but as they say, all press is good press. As far as making the decision to go to boxing, you’ve got to do what you love. If he wants to go to boxing and give it a go, then good luck to him.”

Having ventured into the world of professional boxing himself (3-0-1 w/ 3 TKO’s), it seems natural that a similar exit strategy could lie ahead for Edwards. However, if it’s up to him, he says he’ll be throwing both kicks and punches for the foreseeable future. “Back home, I’m doing a bit of boxing as well, but I’m definitely going to be with It’s Showtime for a long time to come.”


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  • Woodstock

    kick boxing and muay thai need to switch to the 4 ounce gloves, and then i might be more interested in those sports. i would like to see a striking only event inside the octagon.

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    If he is a Be Ko’ed kind of guy. He should fight Fedor Emelianenko.

    Russian Fedor would be happy to do a favor to that guy and punch him hard in the head until he is unconcious

  • KeithFarrell

    4 ounce is great for MMA because a lot of the time you are on the ground so you won’t be constantly getting barraged with full force punches. You couldn’t have gloves to much bigger because it would make grappling far to awkward and just wouldn’t work.

    For striking only competitions there is no need for 4 ounce gloves, they don’t need to grapple and don’t want open figured gloves. 4 ounce would be too much on the body and especially the head over a career. You see some boxers and kick boxers not doing too well after a career when being hit with full sized gloves their whole life, can you image what they would be like if they fought 100 fights, striking only and everyone of those fights they were getting tagged with 4 ounce gloves? Remember strikers USUALLY fight more often than MMA fighters.

  • jdnextchamp

    Vodka-drinker/lada-driver/communist-loser M1_Global_Gangsta should probably know that Fedor is NOT fighting in kickboxing.

  • highkick12

    KO or be KOd!
    Thats my kind of fight. Enough of this grapple around for 3 rounds where neither guy comes close to finishing the fight….

  • Entity

    haha could you imagine grappling with those big puffy gloves? It would be like trying to run a tire drill with clown shoes on.

  • Entity

    oh, hes not a loser, just a HUGE Fedor fan. Probably the biggest Fedor fan I have ever seen in my entire life but a fan nevertheless.

  • MMAW

    Benny Edwards
    from my hometown of Canberra

  • enjoylife321

    This dude probably wants to the be the first UFc death statistics with a Ko or be ko’d philosophy

  • enjoylife321

    wait until he joins the big league