James Toney says Dana White “has lost his damn mind”


Future Boxing Hall of Famer James “Lights Out” Toney called Dana White “a ho” for offering him a “disrespecting contract” that prevents from him competing in Boxing. Forty-one year old Toney has expressed his desire to compete in MMA on various occasions, but now it looks like the Michigan native has lost every chance to fulfill his dream:

“Dana White is a straight up ho! He makes me a 5-fight offer for chump change and said I can’t box anymore if I accept it. He must have lost his damn mind. I’m the best of both worlds. Anyone in either sport that wants to come see me, we can do this.”

James Toney has an impressive 72-6 Boxing record, competing against some of the toughest fighters in the sport. If James Toney will finally make his way to Mixed Martial Arts, he will join the NFL legend Herschel Walker and the controversial Baseball veteran Jose Canseco, who already made their MMA debuts.

  • this guy is a clown, sever all ties with him dana, it aint gonna be pretty when he steps into the cage

    i respect what hes done in the boxing world, but im sick of these pro atheletes trying their hand at mma looking for a payout

  • He’s mad cause he isn’t getting paid what he wants to have his ass handed to him 3 x’s a year.

  • He wants a shit-load of money just to get stomped by some low-level no-name. There is not a single fighter in the UFC, in any weight-class, who wouldn’t dominate him. That included Simba Spice.

  • ya i no this guy needs to stay in boxing and anyways he has no chance in ufc’s heavyweight division only person he has a chance of beating is kimbo but even if he beats come that not really a big deal

  • Yet another irrelevent ‘athlete’ jumping on the MMA popularity bandwagon

  • I think Dana is being smart actually, he has no real interest in having Toney fight for him but doesn’t want to turn him down outright so he offers him a deal he knows he won’t accept.

    Also the mma fighter that Dana might make exceptions for is not Toney, so it was Toney that needed to simply obey by all the standard contract rules of the UFC or no deal. But yeah pretty obvious Dana knew what the out come would be long before they showed him the contract.

  • I think I’ll start my own promotion called the FFC, Freak Fighting Championships where only famous people can fight in MMA.

  • If Toney wants to compete in multiple organizations, he should go to Strikeforce.

  • Brock would eat this dumb ****er. If he comes i feel he should fight Gonzaga first lets see another cro cop head kick hahaha!

  • This dude lacks and cries for attention. Great comments from everyone.

  • Just resurrect Celebrity Boxing. Maybe he can go up against Jose Canseco.

  • +10 on that one man. What has this idiot done in MMA to deserve more. Hes pretty lucky as I see it, even allowing this old man with no MMA skills to even participate.
    Personally I see it as a slap in the face to any REAL MMA fighter out there.
    Screw him, loser trash talker. Retire bigmouth if you dont think you need to prove yourself first.

  • don’t mention that show, shame on you.

  • Dana should just let him do both… I wouldn’t mind seeing Toney get beat down in MMA. Then the boxers that are still in denial will see boxing is one dimensional.

  • Why must UFC tell their fighters they cannot compete in another pro sport. Its f*cking ridiculous really. Let him box… who cares?? Its not even another MMA organization.

  • or UFC should stop being nazis about it…its not even another MMA organization.

  • He’ll get an offer from strikeforce no doubt.

  • i hope he will make another video to insult dana white.

    Its so stupid , but i admit that i laugh a lot when he does that

  • Why do pro athletes past there prime think they can just step in too MMA and be competitive? if they can no longer be competitive in their spot which they have been training for years, what makes them think they can step in the octagon w/little or no MMA training and be competitive? I’m surprised Dana even offered him a contract.

  • “has lost his damn mind”??i didnt know dana white had one

  • Dana White is a bright person–Toney is a fool not to accept his 5 fight offer and if Toney isn’t near broke already -he will be soon–He should take Dana’s deal –and Prove he can compete…. first in the Heavy-weight divison.and Win!—-More money will follow–Toney’s a Chump!

  • Your talking about James Toney right? A guy that has 83 fights with 72 wins. Thats like saying the Gracies are shit because they are not well rounded fighters. This man has knocked out 44 fighters. He has been fighter of the year 2 times and held 3 different titles. Yes some boxers would last seconds in the ring. When Toney hits you its “Lights Out”.

  • for such a great boxer he needs to know when to STFU

  • so true. is MMA some kind of retirement sport? come here when you can no longer play football/baseball/basketball/box.

  • I like James, but I agree.

  • Dana is no idiot, and Toney couldn’t last on the ground. Example: Kimbo Slice. Tough ass dude but easy submission/ground n pound.

  • whatever man, if ANYONE with a groundgame takes him down, hes totally done!!! Go back to your boxing site

    “Im a shark, and the ground is my ocean, most people cant even swim”
    Rickson Gracie

  • Strikeforce wont pay that kind of money to that bigmouth.
    His trash talk boxing crap made me dislike him instantly.
    He thinks he can beat anyone and he cant…enough said…done

  • Toney was an excellent counter puncher & brilliant fighter, now with that being said, he should shut the f%#*# up & go revenge his lost against Roy Jones from back in the days, or he should go sit his fat ass down and enjoy his money, cuz he’s barking up the wrong tree.

  • Or people like you want the sport to be destroyed can just go watch Strikeforce for your nobody HW champion never fights. How many years has it been?

    You want to do that to the UFC because you are stupid. Sorry.

  • that got a “SHARP”

  • Rickson Gracie whose Professional record is 11-0 against no names.

  • what if they schedule an MMA fight & he decides to box that weekend instead because he feels he’ll make more money in a boxing match??
    I think thats just ONE good reason.

  • He would be under contract. Besides, I dont think that is the issue.

  • Yep, the entire reason that he’s considering the move to MMA in the first place is that boxers are losing their fame. Ask 20 random to name the belt-holders in the various boxing divisions. They’ll probably say “Uh, Lennox Lewis?”.

    10 years ago the HW boxing champion was a household name.

  • what word are you refering 2 after dumb