Heath Herring calls out Dana and Zuffa


‘I really don’t care too much for them and i don’t think they care too much for me(Dana White and the UFC ownership group)……They’ve got their guys they want to push, guys they want to market.Randy Couture ,Frank Mir , Brock Lesnar are guys they want to market and push.The problem is if you are not one of the guys they want to push they keep you out of competition.I’m trying to make money and feed my family and these guys are trying to do everything to make it impossible for me.’ He went on to say that it was more worth his while at the moment to look out for number 1 and that he is making more money from movie roles.

Herring hasn’t fought since his loss to current HW champ Brock Lesnar and he blames his absence from the octagon mainly on Dana White and Zuffa. The question I have on this situation is ; Is Heath just in his bashing of the UFC heads or is he just looking to pass the buck?

  • Damn Herring, you’ve forgotten, if you WIN you advance.
    Try Strikeforce bro, you would do better there & honest I havent seen Herring win many fights at all.

  • The reason why Dana hasn’t been trying to market you is plain and simple ‘ You’re just not that good ‘ I haven’t seen him win a fight in a long time.

  • Dana W can be a Prick sometimes though.

  • If you watch interveiws with him hes actually pretty cool…

  • Haha your name describes Fedor hahahahaha

    bring on the weaks