Fan opinion: Top ten submission artists in MMA today


I have made this list from mainstream fighters who have subbed the best of the best so don’t get mad if your favorite fighter isn’t here.

10. BJ Penn-6 of 15 wins by submission. Victims include Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver, Joe Stevenson and Duane Ludwig among others.

9. Genki Sudo-11 wins of 16 by submission. Victims Include Eric Esch, Mike Brown, Nate Marquardt and Ramon Dekker among others.

8. Demian Maia-8 of 12 wins by submission. Victims include Chael Sonnen, Nate Quarry, Jason Macdonald and Ryan Jensen among others.

7. Royce Gracie-12 of 14 wins by way of submission. Victims include, Kimo, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn and Patrick Smith among others.

6. Frank Mir-8 of 13 victories by submission. Victims include Brock Lesnar, Tim Sylvia, Antoni Hardonk, Cheick Kongo and Tank Abbott among others.

5. Shinya Aoki-14 of 23 wins by submission. Victims include Eddie Alvarez, Joachim Hansen twice, Todd Moore, Mizuto Hiroto and Jason Black among others.

4. Fedor Emelianenko-16 of 32 wins by submission. Victims include Tim Sylvia, Matt Lindland, Mark Coleman twice, Mrk Hunt, Kevin Randleman and Hong Man Choi among others.

3. Matt Hughes-18 of 43 wins by submission. Victims include Georges St.Pierre, Frank Trigg twice, Joe Riggs and Chatt Lavender (via side choke) among others.

2. Kazushi Sakuraba-19 of 26 wins by submission. Victims include Quinton Jackson, Kevin Randleman, Shannon Ritch, Carlos Newton, Vernon White, Renzo and Royler Gracie and Kimo among others.

1. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira-20 of 32 wins by submission. Victims include Mirko Cro Cop, Heath Herring, Dan Henderson, Semmy Schilt, Zuluzinho, Bob Sapp, Tim Sylvia and Mark Coleman among others.

So I’ve chosen Big Nog as the king of submissions. Thanks for reading.

  • idk man, i would put maia and aoki in top 3 and penn in top 5

  • penn only 6 by sub he has had more ko’s than sub, and 2b honest Aoki is lucky 2 b on the list after his show of poor sportsmanship

  • poor sportsmanship or not hes still good

  • Yeh but the list is on my opinion and he is still on there

  • Aoki is the best ! he would even break lesnar s arm !

  • I wouldn’t go that far…

  • No but Jose Canseco could

  • Nog couldn’t submit fedor in any of there fights.. and fedor went to the ground with him and Nog still didn’t manage to pull anything off, the part which makes it sad is that Nog was certainly in his prime. So with that said, i think its safe to say we will never see anybody submit Fedor.

    Also Aoki is definately top 3, no questions about it… seems like you making these lists to win yourself that new television lowkick is giving out and that you dont really put thought into your lists.

  • I think what you will find is that the lists are built on my opinion, If you think Aoki is top 3 then make a list that says so, don’t come on here and bad mouth me it takes hours to research all the stuff I write.

  • a good list.

  • with enough steroids

  • also you are clearly a strikeforce nuthugger so please don’t criticize someone else for having a biased opinion when you make stupid comments like this.

  • how the hell is shinya aoki over bj penn… my opinion, shinya aoki isnt even top ten……imagine the submission highlight reel bj penn or any of the others on the list would put together if they fought the opponents shinya aoki has…..i mean, name one time where bj penn hasnt fought the top contender/champion at the time…..until aoki starts submitting worthy opponents he shouldnt even be on the list, nick diaz should be over him….nick diaz submitted gomi….shit, even bj penn submitted gomi….so go fuuck yourselves

  • I like ur list. Only change I would make is to put Renato Sobral up there. 18 out of 35 wins by sub. He is a good and deserves to be recognized.