Fan opinion:Top ten MMA fights of all time


10. Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama-The two fighters met at Pride 21 in Japan and the outcome was an absolute slug fest which saw Frye take a TKO victory in round 1 after a huge punch for punch exchange, which took its toll on both fighters, and saw Takayama unable to continue.

9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Bob Sapp-The two met at Pride shockwave in 2002. Sapp outweighed Big Nog by more than 150lbs and for the first round he threw Nogueira around the ring, slammed him on his head and landed heavy strikes. In the second round sapp was obviously drained and Nogueira capitalized by submitting the giant with an armbar. Great comeback.

8. Melvin Manhoef vs Evangelista Cyborg Santos-The two men met at Cage Rage 15 in London and from beginning to end the fight was an all out slugfest. Both men landed with huge hooks and uppercuts and the fight could have gone either way. Eventually in round 2 during a big exchange of punches Santos fell to the ground exhausted and rocked and the fight was stopped with both fighters on the ground absolutely drained and Santos still trying to put some ground and pound on Manhoef. It was declared a TKO win for Manhoef.

7.Kazushi Sakuraba vs Ricardo Arona-The two fighters faced off at the Pride MW GP in 2005. The fight was brutal as Sakuraba absorbed huge amounts of punishment. He was swollen and cut beyond recognition and after Arona had landed repeated knees to Sakuraba’s head, while he was on the ground, the fight was stopped by the doctor. TKO victory for Arona in this exciting gorefest. 

6. Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg 2-The two met at UFC 52 in an explosive 1 round battle. After Hughes was caught with an unnoticed groin shot early on Trigg jumped on him, almost knocking him out and then catching the champ in a rear naked choke. Hughes managed to escape, and after performing a running slam, caught Trigg in the same choke and submitted him to defend his title. 

5. Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira-The two fighters met at Pride critical countdown 2005 in the middleweight GP. From the outset this fight was destined to be a classic, with Nogueira knocking Shogun down early on, then Shogun mounting a comeback with a superman punch and taking down Nogueira. Shogun scored a knockdown with another superman punch in round 2 and the two men went on to slug it out til the end with Shogun taking the win by decision.

4. Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva-The two veterans met at UFC 79 in Las Vegas.  It was an eagerly awaited match which pitted two Pride and UFC veterans, who had never been matched in their long careers, against each other in a stand up battle which won fight of the night award. Both fighters traded heavy punches throughout which saw Chuck dropped and Silva rocked against the cage almost out on his feet. Both fighters showed great power and good chins, Liddell won via decision.

3. Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia-The two faced each other at UFC at UFC 68. Randy was 43 at the time of the fight and a lot of people wrote him off as too old to defeat the champion Tim Sylvia, who had a height and weight advantage on Couture. From the opening bell Randy knocked Sylvia to the mat with a huge punch and then dominated all five rounds with great boxing and ground and pound. As the fight drew to a close a bewildered Sylvia, swollen and battered, looked up to the sky from the mat and wondered what had just happened. Couture had reclaimed the title and sealed his place in MMA history.

2. Forrest Griffin vs Stephen Bonnar-The two men faced off in the finale of TUF 1. The fight was for a contract with the UFC. From the outset it was like a bar room brawl. Both men trading powerful punches which would have seen lesser men out cold. The fight was razor close all the way through with both men swollen and bleeding from the brutal stand up war they were embroiled in. In a fight that echoed the qualities of a Rocky movie the two fighters slugged it out until the end. Forrest took a close decision victory but the drama wasn’t over. Dana White entered the cage and declared both fighters would get a UFC contract. A great end to an incredible classic fight which helped the UFC go mainstream.

1. Fedor Emelianenko vs Mirko Cro Cop-The two men faced off at Pride final conflict in 2005.The fight was hyped a lot especially since Cro Cop had knocked out Fedor’s younger brother Aleksander and then publicly called Fedor out to fight. The two men were the best fighters in the HW division at the time and were in their prime. The opinion on the fight was that if Fedor could get it to the ground then he would have Cro Cop where he wanted him, but if Cro Cop could land his deadly kicks he could be the first to KO Fedor. The fight was closely fought and very exciting. Both men were at their absolute best, with Cro Cop doing all he could to land damaging strikes in the stand up and Fedor taking him down and landing crushing ground and pound. The fight ended with both men exhausted, Fedor with his nose broken and Cro Cop swollen and bruised. After a great fight Fedor was awarded the decision victory.

My list is based on my opinion please don’t get mad if your favorite fight isn’t here.

  • another great post dude

  • you forgot fedor vs nog man and royce vs saku, but ya other than that pretty good list

  • Why in the hell does everyone like the Forrest vs. Bonnar fight so much. It was just three rounds of them pummeling themselves with their female fists of fury. Neither one of them even came close to a knock out or a submission. Wanderlei vs. Chuck, now that was a fu cking fight. Yeah, both Bonnar and Forrest would kick my ass but they suck and are incredibly boring to watch fight.

  • dude its a personal opinion calm down

  • I never really understood why the bonnar griffin fight is supposedly so good. Yes, they both have a lot of heart, no doubt, but at that time they had barely any skill. To be honest i only agree with a few of these fights. I like fights that are very high paced, a very good mix of ground fighting and standup fighting, and clean excellent technique. I am not at all interested in slugfests. The only cool thing about that is when the crowd gets going, but… that doesnt really make it a great fight.

  • They don’t suck… Forrest beat Rampage, and everyone looks bad when they fight Silva. It doesn’t mean they suck though.

  • George making BJ say no-mas was pretty epic.

  • Well I liked BJ Penn Vs Sanchez, and Machida vs Shogun ( but decision sucked)

  • Forrest griffin vs stephan bonnar should be nr1. it was a sick war

  • Yeah, people are confused when they disregard that fight on the grounds that neither Forest or Stephan are the best of the best. Some of the greatest boxing wars in history were the same. Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward for instance? Incredible battles, but neither of them were the best fighters in their division.

  • What I’d like to see is a list of fights that were incredible but are not so well known. That would be an awesome article.

    Thanks for sharing anyway, reminded me of a couple of classics I need to watch again.

  • It’s sad how bonnar hasn’t really done anything since that fight, nearly heartbreaking because just looking at the guy, his striking looks like it’d be so awesome but then it just…isn’t.

  • How about Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock for the title? Frank was hanging in there, the fight was close, until he shattered his arm blocking a kick. He fought a whole round blocking kicks with that shattered arm, the guy is tough.

    That was a great fight.

  • Where’s Sanchez vs Guida man?

  • Great list but I would have to suggest Royce Gracie against Kimo. It was a monster fight and a defining moment in fight history.

    Another important fight, often overlooked was Muhammed Ali againt Antonio Anoki because the concept was way ahead of its time.

  • number 5 on the list for me, it was awesome!

  • Fedor and Nog was a pretty one sided fight though, even though Fedor was going off on him lol….I agree a good list by PR.

  • I liked it but it just got in at 11

  • Great list, forgot bout some of them! Pedro Rizzo vs Josh Barnett 1. Classic fight and favourite KO of all time!

  • Lil Nog Vs Shogun was immense fight. Had everything

  • ya number 5 is also my fav fight, two of the best lhw’s going at it, it was so sick to watch

  • My favourite recent fight had to be the Coture nog fight, two legends making three rounds into a war

  • It actually was the first MMA match in a way, only the rules were heavily modified in ali’s favour of course

  • Can you check for polyps while you’re up there?

  • yeah it sure was fun to see that prick get his ass kicked.

  • Not my kind of fight I have to say, I never find the whole “two medicore fighters brawling unable to finish each other.” All to exiting, esp in hind sight it was just two guys with good chins and no finishing skills hitting each other. You put Florian in the same situation with Guida and he ends it easily.

    Personally I enjoyed BJ vs Sanchez a lot more as it was a crazy show of skill from BJ.

    Slug fests are extremely overrated imo, and when you see a fighter get into a slug fest you also automatically know they will never be a great fighter.

  • Yea but GSP was greased up the whole time, so it doesn’t count.


  • Axe


  • That Griffin & Bonner fight was nothing but a Slugfest so bad I thought one of the two was about to tap Kimbo Slice in!

    Both those cats are liked by Dana White so the UFC promotes that as being the best fight in the Octagon. BULLSHIT!

  • One of my favorites not sure where it is on your list was Scott Smith VS Pete Sell one of the best comback if not the best comeback KO i have ever seen.

  • why bash on the bonnar vs griffin fight? maybe is doesn’t deserve #2 spot, but it definitely was an example of true heart that is hard to find nowadays…

  • Lol i wasn’t tryna be funny, this better not be hate towards the Pedro!

  • Well said. I hate those slug fest / brawl fights. They are very overrated. I prefer smart fighters over brawlers.

  • I agree 100% that was one the worst fights i’ve ever watched.

  • Lol ya, i don’t really like slugfest fights, i would rather watch fedor vs nog, nog vs barnett, shogun vs lil nog, Arona vs Wanderlei, Rampage vs Wanderlei 1 n 2, Royce vs Saku, Nog vs Sapp etc over the overrated Griffin vs Bonner fight

  • 707

    diaz vz gomi…dampered by the no contest, but best fight Ive ever seen

  • 707

    those cats are liked by dana because they launched the ultimate fighter and the promotion

  • 707

    yeah I know just like wandy

  • 707

    very much agreed on royce vs kimo

  • Fedor vs Big Nog 1

  • I think the randy/syvlia fight was trash – the UFC makes this huge deal over how Randy knocked Sylvia down with an early punch, but the rest of the fight is always left out because it was an absolute zzz-fest. It wasn’t a great fight. I also agree somewhat about the bonnar/griffin fight, that it was a good fight, but slugfests aren’t fights I go back and watch. I go back to watch fights like Rua/lil nog, fedor/cro cop, fights with lots of talent.

  • my favorite on the list would be Big Nog vs Bob Sapp. Goldberg commenting how MMA was about to change because Bob Sapp is going to be unbeat….Nogueria wins via armbar!!!

  • what about Gomi and Pulver? one of my favorites too

  • A good post alright.

    To be fair, everyones top 10 is going to be different some way or another.

    Some guys prefer a good grappler fight or proper BJJ & quiet a lot I reckon like the stand up.

    I’d prefer the stand up fights myself but all my top 10 wouldn’t be stand up fights.

    Out of this top 10 my favorite would probably be the No.1 because I really though Cro-cop was going to beat Fedor. It was an amazing fight. I actually thought Cro-cop had won!!!! I always respected Fedor but after that fight & the punishment he took I knew he was going to be unstoppable for a long time.