Fan opinion: Top 10 MMA submissions


10. Jeremy Horn submits Chael Sonnen at UFC 60 with a rarely seen triangle/armbar which left Sonnen screaming in submission.

9. Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua submits former UFC champ Kevin Randleman via kneebar at Pride 32 in 2006. 

8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira submits Mirko Cro Cop in his prime at Pride in 2003 via armbar.

7. Rumina Sato submits Charles Taylor via flying arm bar in just 5 seconds at shooto in 1999.

6. Frank Mir submits Brock Lesnar at UFC 81 via knee bar after taking brutal ground and pound from the now HW champ.

5. Kazushi Sakuraba submits Renzo Gracie at Pride FC 10 via Kimura. He informed the referee that he had broken the arm and the fight was stopped.

4. Ryo Chonan submits Anderson Silva at Pride 2004 via flying scissor heel hook. The current UFC champ was instantly forced to tap after dominating Chonan all through the fight.

3. Fedor submits Kevin Randleman at Pride critical countdown 2004. After Kevin Randleman almost broke Fedor’s neck following a huge sky suplex slam, Fedor improved position almost instantly and applied the arm lock that saw former UFC champ Randleman tap out.

2. Matt Hughes submits Frank Trigg at UFC 52. Trigg almost knocked Hughes out with standing strikes and then some brutal ground and pound, then he had Hughes all but out in a rear naked choke. Hughes escaped the choke and scored a huge running takedown followed by a rear naked choke of his own, forcing Trigg to tap. This bout was for the title.

1. Toby Imada submits Jorge Masvidal at Bellator 2009 via inverted triangle choke. Imada suffered a terrible beating in the first two rounds, his eyes were swollen and black and his nose busted by round 3. Imada managed to get in to position against the cage and put a standing Jorge Masvidal to sleep as he slipped over his back and locked the choke on with his legs. Masvidal went purple and was choked out cold in a match which saw one of the greatest come backs ever and a rarely seen and highly technical move.

Now this is my personal opinion so please don’t be mad if your favorite fighter was not included. 

  • Nice list, i agree with all the sub’s that you listed but just feel like the flying arm bar should be 2nd or 3rd, that was just insane and he did it in like 10 secs or somthing, i had completely forgot about the saku sub on renzo nice find

  • thanks dude took me hours of going through my papers and stuff

  • Sorry. But this missed the best one (even tho I am going to get the worst weak points on me) Anderson Silva’s match with Daiju Takase….After getting the most brutal beat downs on a stand up, Takese probably thought, “hey if I am going to die on my feet….why not try the flying scissor heel hook” Voila, robbed Silva of the win.

  • he didn’t miss it, it wasnt takase who did the flying scissor heel hook, it was chonan, number 4 on the list

  • Daiju beat silva by choke, Ryo Chonan beat silva by flying scissor heel hook and is at number 4 on my list……did u even read the whole thing?

  • i think Sakuraba top 3

  • Love the list but I feel there’s one missing.
    Nick Diaz Vs Takanori Gomi Pride 33:
    Gomi had long been cited as the best LW in the world. He had put a reasonable hurting on Diaz for the first 2 rounds, Tho not exactly one sided Diaz looked pretty beat up, Before in the 3rd round Diaz slaps on a rarely seen Gogoplatta (the jiu jitsu equivelant of being KO’d by a slap) and forces Gomi to tap.
    What also makes this great is that it turns out that Diaz was stoned during the fight testing positive for marijuana.
    I know a lot of people hate on Diaz and I understand why but beating one of the very best with a Gogoplatta while high?


  • LOL I like ur trail of thinking maybe my next list will be top 10 stoned fighters!!