Fan opinion: Junior Dos Santos vs Gabriel Gonzaga fight breakdown.


The 25 year old Brazilian Junior Dos Santos was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1984. He holds a record of 10-1(8ko,2sub) and holds a brown belt in BJJ. He also holds an 18-0 kickboxing record and is ranked number 6 in the world’s heavyweights by the independent world MMA rankings. He is 6ft 4in and weighs in at 236lbs with a 77 inch reach.

Fellow Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga is the older of the two at 30 and was born May 18th 1979 in Rio de Janeiro. He holds a record of 11-4(5ko,6sub), holds a black belt in BJJ and has Muay Thai experience. He is also an ADCC submissions wrestling champion. Gonzaga is 6ft 2in weighs in at 260lbs with a 76 inch reach.

Now my fight breakdowns are predictions on how I think the fights will go, based on Training histories of each fighter, Records (example KO or sub victories and losses and how many fights) and on how I think the styles may contrast. Please don’t bet your savings on what I write and feel free to comment or tweet me as these posts are only for

So its time for the game plans. Junior Dos Santos, I think, will be the more aggressive fighter in the stand up position. He has won 8 of his 10 victories by way of knock out and scored a submission victory over Pride legend Mirko Cro Cop, after huge knees from the clinch and a big combo with the hands Cro Cop verbally submitted. Although if the fight is taken to the ground Dos Santos has a brown belt in BJJ so he is no slouch on the from the canvas. But I think with his heavy hands he will want to extend his 5 fight win streak by way of KO.

On to Gonzaga, I don’t think he will be desperate to get the fight to the ground but with his long record in submission fighting and 6 of his 11 wins coming by way of sub I think that if he is able to finish Dos Santos it will be by sub rather than risking an all out stand up war with the KO tactician. Also it comes to mind that all of Gonzaga’s losses are by way of KO or TKO, one of which was at the hands of hall of fame inductee and UFC legend Randy Couture. In their fight at UFC 74 we saw Randy brutalize Gabriel with dirty boxing and clinch fighting against the cage, Randy opened up a cut early on and the fight was almost stopped with Gonzaga claiming he couldn’t see. The fight was eventually stopped in the third round with Gonzaga being ground and pounded by couture against the cage. So I think Gonzaga will have cautious striking and takedowns in his game plan.

How I think the styles will contrast is that we have an interesting matchup. With one fighter mainly known for his stand up skills and kickboxing history (Santos) and the other well versed in submissions but also with good KO power as proven in 5 out of his 11 wins but who has failed tests of his chin in all 4 of his losses. So I think we will have good striking with takedown and clinch attempts from Gonzaga and takedown defense with heavy handed striking from Dos Santos.

So for the fight prediction:

Round 1: The fighters will come out fast paced from the start. Gonzaga with improved head movement and defense and some good jabs and straight punches, Dos Santos I feel though will over power him with big uppercuts and hooks forcing Gonzaga to back away from the striking game and aim for desperate takedown attempts in order to avoid a KO loss. Dos Santos, I think, will have good takedown defense, sprawling and brawling and forcing Gonzaga to stand with him. The fight will end in the first round by way of a nasty uppercut to the chin of Gonzaga who is flattened, the ref stepping in to avoid any more punishment coming from Dos Santos who landed some ground and pound quickly after the KO punch. Junior Dos Santos by 1st round KO.

Some information sourced at Wikipedia, all predictions and comparisons original.

  • i also believe dos santos is going to win in round 1, but ko idk about that, im guessing tko

  • gonzaga will wreck him via head kick ko or a quick takedown and ground and pound

  • Thats a pretty good review and probably pretty accurate on the finish unless Gonzaga can avoid the big shots.
    Some people dont know, in the Couture fight, Randy banged heads accidentally with Gonzaga, breaking Gonzaga’s nose. That is the main cause for his vision broblems and he couldnt breath, and Randy capitalized on that. If the 2 fought again, I think the outcome might be different.
    Looking forward to this fight.
    I wont write off Gonzaga either though, maybe his time just hasnt come. I also didnt know DosSantos was that tall, but hes lighter and reach is almost the same.
    Gonzaga has 25 lbs on Santos.

  • That would be cool, I like both of them actually.
    Classy guys who fight and seldom blabber.

  • i personally don’t like gonzaga cause of the headkick ko on cro cop, i no its stupid to hate on someone cause of that but still i dont like him, thats one of the reason i hope dos santos wins and i actually do like santos fighting style hes exciting and prolly is going to be future champ

  • That kick was devasting & might have changed Cro Cop.
    I think this is a great match-up that might not get the attention it deserves. Dos Santos, to me, has as much potential as Cain does just a different style.

  • I am hope that Gonzaga wins, and knocks Santos down a few pegs. Wit that said you can never count out Santos. He has incredible KO power, and is very good on his feet. Gonzaga will need to take this fight to the ground, and work his BJJ on him…

  • I think that Gabe will make Dos Santos use his stand up smarter than anyone has before and the vice versa. this is going to be a good fight. Both have definate KO power and i think both will be a little less aggresive then they have been in the past. Don’t forget that Gabe can use those legs for the ko just as good as his hands.

  • i think dos santos will be expecting a takedown attempt and heave his head exposed for a head kick

  • JDS has some solid standup! Gonzaga may have the edge on the ground but thats cause we’ve never seen JDS’s ground game, he trains with the Nogs so can’t be bad