Chuck Liddell stars in an eccentric NAKED WORKOUT video


Mixed Martial Arts legend and the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell was caught working-out with his girlfriend……. completely naked. UFC Hall of Famer will coach at the next The Ultimate Fighter 11 season on Spike TV (starting March 31st) against his arch rival Tito Ortiz.

Forty year-old legend was unable to comment on the video himself, as his management released the following statement in his interview for

“Obviously, Chuck is a little upset that his privacy was invaded during a time he clearly expected was private with his girlfriend. It is unfortunate when individuals have such little regard for one’s privacy and distribute moments not intended for the public to see.”

Chuck Liddell is currently in the state of “verbal war” against Tito Ortiz, as it will be more than interesting to see how “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” reacts to the bizarre video below.

  • Oh, the horror. It’s like being in heaven and hell at the same time. Chuck’s old, disgusting ass and his hot wife in the same frame. Like ying and yang.

    The horror . . . and then not so much!

  • I wonder where chuck is running off to at the end? probably gotta take a dump.

  • like i commented earlier, seriously chuck, WTF???? think of all the ammo this is gonna give Tito!!

  • how this guy managed to film this if it was so private? Where is this located?

  • Omg, I’m not happy i just saw that. The grossest part is the perverted breathing of that creep filming.

  • ian

    uuuuuuuh uuuuuuuuuuuh, slap slap.

    what i dont get is at the beggining is the camera coming out of like a plastic bubble or something its kinda strange, Camera man getting off, dont blame him though chucks gf is hot. lol

  • ian

    I still don’t get why you would want to work out naked,
    i mean not nice at all, and for the girl her tits could get saggy earlier : (
    but chuck would probably get her new ones so no prob.

  • Now that you mention it, does seem that way.

  • Yea, not like he lives on a ****in cul-de-sac in a regular Mc Donalds manager area. He lives in like a bagillion squarefoot home!

  • If they where real.

  • That’s ****ed. Wonder who’s behind it??? Wonder if it’s deeper than a peeping tom….

  • i bet at the end he’s jogging off for a shit lol

  • Bet that room smells like ass.

  • on the lighter side, i can’t wait to see chucks face next time he shows up at a fight.

  • This looks set up. TMZ can’t get that close…

  • Tito does not need ammo. His a big enough D bag to make his own shit up lol. It is gonna be funny to hear what he has to say about it.

  • I wonder where this is..

  • Why in the hell would you wanna work out naked?!? LoL!! Chuck is one crazy dude…

  • Have to say that clip made me a bit curious, why doesn’t Chuck look at a woman that gorgeous naked working out even once? I mean I’m a man and I have a gorgeous girl and trust me I never look away when she is naked.

  • Holy shit he is working out naked, no one has ever done that before. This doesn’t give Tito any ammo, odds are he does the same shit…

  • TwA

    holy shit titos wife has been naked in a million videos, sucked ,fuccked, and done everything else imaginable with probably 1000 guys which is alright if you”re just gonna screw her but tito married her and thats just wrong i think chuck has got enough ammo and besides the hottie didnt mind if i was chuck i would work out naked to, thats just less time i have to keep pulling down my pants to keep putting it to her every half hour

  • I think its funny, whats Tito going to say? maybe that chucks girl has an AMAZING Body, thats wat I’m sayin lol

  • Tito filmed this. He was perving on Chuck and his lady. When Chuck went to take a dump he swooped in right behind Chucks lady for a quickie

  • LOL

  • That’s some focked up shit right there!

  • Well… if this is how he’s living his life I’m pretty sure he’s used to the sight of a naked girl by now.

  • i know its like the t.u.f commercial when tito’s like….
    “have u ever seen dancing without a star” that was stupid,
    it’s like ” yea tito, i see that shit everyday at the clubs”

  • This footage is actually from a REEBOK COMMERCIAL, this footage was leaked before the final production.

  • Do you think whoever was recording, rubbed one off in the process?

  • To who Chuck or the plastic bimbo?

  • chucks girl is hot!
    i bet she hasent been fuk by 178627628 guys just for money!

  • it’s creepy,but man, he got one hot wife.

  • That is freaking gross! Imagine the sweat of his nutsack and buttcrack all over the equipment!

  • He who? All I saw was some hot chick with long blonde hair lmao

  • Gotta piss, still drinking lol, hes only doing this to show Tito that Jenna is nasty compared to his woman.

  • Like Chuck will need to think deep for ammo, Tito’s mrs has seen more smelly cocks than the toilet in my nearest pub!

  • after tha workout some coke at the bathroom damn chuky thanx god we cant sea your ****in oldman dig

  • Oops, not his wife, his girlfriend. Sorry, I was not focusing!

  • Funny

  • good point

  • Very funny and sharp thinking at the same time…Bro

  • LOL funny

  • Tito cant say shit cos his wife is a pornstar!!!?? lol…