Cain Velasquez picks JDS to defeat Alistair Overeem at UFC 146


“That’s in the past, I’m not going to take anything away from Junior. He won the fight. He was the better man that night. That’s all I’m going to say. Every fighter has an ego and we’re always fighting injured. We’re just toughing it out. … I think I could have attacked more – gone forward. I stayed in punching range and just stayed on the outside and that’s not the smartest thing to do against somebody like Junior. I could have went forward a lot more and put a lot more pressure on him – even tied him up and try to use a little more wrestling. I didn’t do any of those things.  It’s just a thing you learn from it, you take it to your next fight, and you don’t do it again.

(dos Santos vs. Overeem) is going to be a tough one. I think in the clinch and in the distance – in the kicking range, Overeem will have a better shot. But, in punching range, dos Santos could end the fight whenever. I’m hoping dos Santos wins. I definitely would love to have a rematch with him. I think he will. He’s an athletic guy, and his boxing is really good. So, I think he’ll win.” – For complete interview with Cain Velasquez, visit

Cain Velasquez would love a rematch with Junior dos Santos – and according to the AKA product, that’s exactly what he’s expecting to happen once the Brazilian defeats Alistair Overeem at UFC 146.

Just one fight removed from his own Heavyweight title reign, Velasquez was dethroned by dos Santos last November. Now set to meet Frank Mir in a number-one contender bout, the former champ says that with a victory on May 26th, he believes it is dos Santos who he will later challenge for the title.

Hoping to spoil such plans, of course, is the 6-foot-five, 265-pound former Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 Kickboxing champ, Alistair Overeem. Scheduled to square of with JDS on the very same card, the Dutchman could just as easily be the man who awaits the Velasquez-Mir winner. So, what’s the word LowKick’ers? If Velasquez can get past Mir, will he get his shot at redemption, or is he more likely to meet the “Demolition Man?”

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Photo: Francis Specker