Bas Rutten breaks down UFC 126, says Brock Lesnar should go to Holland and train at Golden Glory


  • sole reason why inside mma is the best mma show going

  • Out of every personality in the mma world, Bas Rutten’s is definitely the best. Dangity dangity DANG!

  • Bas Rutten = P4P Coolest bald dude in MMA !

  • bas was great on lights out

  • Bas Rutten is the man of men. He knows what he is talking about and I pretty much agree with everything he just said.

  • he was right on brock, love Bas, hes ****ing smart and like he said, Brock should go to golden glory!

  • Six

    Never get tired of the Bas man.

  • No he didnt tap. Cain was asked even… Bas should know these things.

  • I think I’ve agreed with everything that has ever come out of his mouth.

  • Love Bas, seen someone saying he didnt know something about brock not tappin, whoever u were plz stop before u insert ur entire foot into ur mouth and Bas kicks it down ur throat, it doesnt matter if he physicly taped or not, if u got Bas talking like u did, u might as well have. A totally ass kicking is a total ass kicking. We all seen the fight, we all know Bas is right. I would sell everything ive ever owned to go train with this man. seriously.

  • An interesting bit of trivia is that the English word boss comes from the dutch word bas.

    I gotta say that Bas is one of the wackiest people I have ever seen. I almost think he is on bennies or 10 espressos or something.

    But he is a fount of fighting wisdom. His point about sparring was right on the mark–if you want to learn to fight, then practice actually fighting–and frequently. Interestingly, Sonnen made a similar comment not to long ago.

    Lesnar needs to do an intense striking and sparring training camp starting now, if he wants to have a chance at defeating JDS and especially Cain. For all the training he does, his standup has hardly improved at all. WTF has he been doing? Can you imagine, with Brocks mass, what kind of fighter he could be if he knew how to strike?

  • for a minute i was scared for bas. i was thinking he better tone it down before brock hears him. then i remembered, HE’S BAS

  • i agree! and also agree lesnar would get good stand up! kick boxing ! boxing!

  • if lesnar took that advice from rutten and use it! like i said box lesnar get good boxing in! thats all your missing , it would take away your fears! 🙁

  • No he did not tap he was only screaming to the top of his lungs NO,NO,NO…

  • Brock can become champ and keep that belt for a long time if he trained at Golden Glory for a couple years

  • Bas is the best.

    On Lesnar – it’s pretty hard to argue with his assessment. You have to admit, every time you see Lesnar getting ready for a fight he’s either lifting weights or wrestling, but rarely, if ever, do you see him throwing down. I guess Mir gave him too much time and respect. He probably would have fared better if he’d just gone out there and thrown down on the dude, the way he did when he had BL up against the fence; he might have actually won. Food for thought for Mir or any other future BL opponents.

  • Yeah I know, he was calling Brock out because that’s what you do when you try to inspire people. I remember after St. Pierre got the title back Bas was talking about how proud he was of GSp because he felt he gave up in the first Serra fight but St. Pierre didn’t bitch and cry he got better and brought his title back home. Bas has nothing but love for guys that brush themselves off and come back badder than before.

  • Love you Bas!

  • mir had brock rocked after he threw a knee in the clinch that connected and he could have finished the fight at that point. unfortunately he lost his composure and threw a silly second flying knee and practically gifted brock the takedown.

    the gameplan against brock was never to take it to the ground.

  • ah he’s not so bad. better than the portable zuffa hype machines that mma live put in front of the camera

    …*cough* kenny florian*cough* chael sonnen

  • Hi Jamie,

    You forgot about Dana White! 🙂

  • Harsh words from BAS, but it was needed. “Its either he (Brock) has no talent or you are not allowed to hit him….its ok you don’t have to tell me, I can tell you don’t hit him at all” Yikes.

  • Something that I have learned over the years is that the greatest fighters tend to be the most quirky, dorky and awesome people. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat around the gym with guys discussing the finer points of Star Wars or Doctor Who.

  • @ CM – Bas is Boss!!

    lol @ ICP star wars comment

  • After watching this video, one of his older “Teaching Street Fighting” videos auto populated in the query. Bas is Fu*king Hardcore Man! Yall outta check it out.

  • The non punshing policy must be somehow true. Brock just doesn’t want Pat Barry to punsh him in the neck.

  • Bas always has good points. It is fun to watch him making comments.

  • Oh ok… Glad we got that straightened out. Thought you said after the Carwin fight that u had come around on Brock?

  • bas is the ****ing man. he gives such great advice and speaks the truth. bas, good speed, and party on.

  • Bas nailed it. Think about every training vid you’ve seen of Broc. Neve working a bad position, never getting hit.

  • brock said himself in the interview after the fight that frank caught him with a good knee and he was seeing stars for a few seconds. fight coulda gone way different if frank didn’t get carried away.

    mir also said after the fight that it was dumb to let a guy that big and powerful get on top of him so i’d hardly think that was the gameplan. why would anyone let a behemoth like brock get on top of them? the odds of being smashed heavily outweigh those of catching a sub.

  • I did gain a little respect for him but quickly went away with the burrito comments and all that crap…

  • I’d put money on Bas vs Brock any time. Oh, i’m picking Bas

  • D

    At 9:55 – that’s what 1000s of leg kicks will do to you.

  • Such a ****ing smart man. I have said virtually identical statements before in the past, he really knows MMA. I don’t think one person in the world knows MMA better then Bas. Spar 2 times a day hard, not on “Friday night sparring class”