• lol I disagree pal

  • pfff he just says that cause BJ called him p4p before. We all know only Jon Jones can can inherit Fedors throne! ……lets see how many weaks I get for this…..

  • Yeah biased. I used to like him as a person but it seems hes just a disguised ****y mofo. The fight with Maia was a revelation. People from Brazil say hes in fact a douche, it might be true. Sad.

  • Sonnen must have rattled Anderson’s marbles more than we thought. BJ is a very accomplished fighter though now on the decline it would seem. Silva should stick to the sideways pink hats, fake english incompetence, and preparing to meet the ‘rush’ which soon awaits him.

  • And Bj penn is the best in the world thats why he got beat by st pierre twice and got destroyed the second. The best in the world is bob sapp, end of story ( Bob is my friend but i aint biased lol)

  • one question dude, how can you actually dodge a lowkick? i mean you can move away or check it but ducking under a lowkick is ****in amazing if its possible,

  • silva is a great fighter but an idiot in person, all those sarastic looks and stupid answers, sonnen owned him and gsp could beat him with a 20Lb difference, silva is over rated, an awesome kickboxer/muai thai figher, but an overated mma guy

  • Six

    Thats why Penn cant beat GSP.
    It all makes sense now.

    Andersons non-sensical ramblings continued as he swore the Earth really was flat.

  • Six

    Simple ..Dodge doesnt mean duck.

    “To avoid (a blow, for example) by moving or shifting quickly aside.”

  • Yeah, it’s fake english incompetence, because it’s not obvious that he has a bit of trouble communicating in english in this interview or anything.

  • If that is not calling out GSP, I don’t know what is.

  • i used to think Anderson was a nice guy but hes actually a douche, great fighter none the less though

  • The fight with Maia only proved how scared Maia was to engage where he as the challenger had nothing to lose.

  • anderson is sayin that cos he doesnt like to beleive he is it puts to much pressure on him

  • first time that i miss ed soares!!!

    hope vitor comes in best shape and beats silva!!!!

  • Anderson overrated?! Wow.

    Is his weakness good wrestlers? Yes.
    Does he beat good wrestlers? Yes.

  • Not sure why people are taking Anderson’s “opinion” to heart.

    Is that the “Kings English” that Chael spoke of?

    And if by saying BJ is the best is a jab at GSP, i hope it works. GSP could use some nudging to make this fight happen.

  • You could say the fight with Maia only proved how scared Silva was to go to the ground. Fedor is a real MMA fighter cos he was not afraid to go to the ground against nog. Do you imagine Fedor dancing Kalinka (Russsian dance) while waiting for Nog to stand up?

    I dont blame Silva for using tactics but he aint the p4p greatest dana white wants to make us believe and Penn is not better than gsp.

  • GSP doesn’t need any nudgaing. He’s down to get in the cage with anyone. He just wants to be smart about it.

    Silva is an idiot. It’s so astoundingly clear that GSP is the best fighter in the world, I’m pretty sure BJ being “better” would have involved him winning at least one of their two fights… and it especially wouldn’t have involved him being turned into a 168lb pile of bruised flesh in their second fight. This shit just doesn’t even make sense, hopefully he’s using it as a tactic to start the hype because if he believes it, I think Chael did more damage than a lot of people gave him credit for.

    Anderson Silva is a ****y jerkoff, constantly giving reporters stupid, sarcastic looks, looking to his buddies with little eyebrow raises whenever he doesn’t like questions, and I believe Sonnen when he says Anderson speaks better English than he lets on. He’s let it slip a few times – in a few interviews involving Soares, you can watch Anderson watch Soares “translate” and occasionally shake his head or laugh along. When has Silva done anything to make us think that he’s being honest? He has his head further up his own ass than any champ the organisation has had… bad when I legitimately think that Brock Lesnar is more modest than this jackass.

    Obviously I hope the St Pierre fight happens and Georges takes his ass down and beats him into a lump of putty, but I kind of want Belfort to knock him out because that’ll be sooner and the sooner someone puts a hurtin on this fool, the better.

  • OMG! How dare Silva to say that GSP wasn’t the greatest fighter of all time?

  • Who does Anderson Silva think he is? GSP is invincible, doesn’t he know that yet?

  • i dont like him at all.. he is a fake person!!
    and he shows that every time.. like against maia!!
    he maight be the best fighter in the world but..
    he is a fake asshole!!! my in opinion…

  • What the **** are you talking about douchebag? **** a guy can’t think GSP is an amazing fighter without some insecure closet homo like yourself getting uncomfortable and dropping some bullshit line like that.

    My thinking Silva is an arrogant asshole has nothing to do with GSP. This is just one more thing added to the already massive list. When did I say GSP was invincible? When did I say anything that would make you think that? I think GSP is p4p best, and if he fights Silva he will win. That’s based on GSP being incredible and Silva having horrible wrestling defense and no ability to get up with a heavy wrestler on top of him.

    The ridiculousness of what was said in the video comes down to it just simply not making sense, how someone who’s been beaten twice by GSP (I mean BJ Penn), the second time devistatingly, could rank higher than him.

  • Anderson brain is a little bit scramble after ufc 112 and 117,thats a fact.

    He’s also bj buddy, that a fact too. So it’s alright for him to say these nonsenses.

  • i guess anderson silva is saying that bj has the potential to be the best. this fight has happened twice. does he not remember. Gsp can be knocked out. Bj penn has a granite chin. and i guess thats the one thing in his favor.if he could defend takedowns from big guys at 170 (fitch shields)it could merrit a bj penn v gsp 3. end that whole greasing controversy for gsp.

  • Thats the kind of crap he says that constantly pisses me off. Keep looking intimidated by GSP’s legacy Silva, maybe if you werent such a douchebag people might like you as much. Secondly GSP always fights when he enters the octagon. I seem to remember GSP owning BJ 2 times in a row.

  • wait for all the silva fanboys to have BJ on top of next months rankings

  • Sonnen humiliated him in front of everyone and this is how a fktard reacts.

  • Yo Joey whats your take on this one? lol just curious is all. This one doesnt imprezz me wit hiz performanz

  • Why would he be intimidated by GSP’s legacy? Silva has won more times at multiple weights, and that’s probably why he’s taking penns side.

  • Sonnen humiliated himself infront of everyone.

  • so he’ll use his crappy English for a pointless interview in Brazil but not after fights in the U.S.?!!?!? Anderson can go eat my ass

  • I can’t believe that silva doesn’t agree with the lowkick genius’ that have cain and overeem in the top 10 p4p. Doesn’t he know that we know everything!/!?

    Also, how DARE he not bash bj penn!?! If Gsp hasnt fought anderson already because he doesn’t want to gain weight the wrong way, why doesn’t he bash BJ for not taking that road!?!??!

    Ughhh didn’t he see the jabs? I mean come on, what more do you need besides a decision?!?!

  • I can’t believe that silva doesn’t agree with the lowkick genius’ that have cain and overeem in the top 10 p4p. Doesn’t he know that we know everything!/!?

    Also, how DARE he not bash bj penn!?! If Gsp hasnt fought anderson already because he doesn’t want to gain weight the wrong way, why doesn’t he bash BJ for not taking that road!?!??!

    Ughhh didn’t he see the jabs? I mean come on, what more do you need besides a decision?!?!

  • he is talking out of his ass
    mumbling like a minge
    he dosent answer the question just starts rambling about sofa head bj penn

  • Really you’d have to be an idiot not to believe anything sonnen says. I mean he’s clearly the best at speaking english and everyone can see that in this interview. Why is that relevant? I don’t know, but i’m just trying to fit in by whining.

    What do you mean GSP wants to be smart about getting in the cage with someone bigger and heavier? Bj has been doing it all this time and it makes NOOOOO difference at all clearly.

  • Raaaawwwwrrrrrrr a guy can’t think that GSP isn’t invincible and not be called out by the knowledgeable people who say overeem is p4p the bomb!! Anyone who puts anyone above GSP is clearly the dumbest guy that was ever dumb enough to dumb dumb andd im gonna make sure every1 knows it

  • I know you’re a troll account adam, but what you said was totally true. Who cares that chael cheated by using steroids, fought a guy with a rib injury who wanted to go to the ground, pounded on him for like 23 minutes without even cutting him, and lost anyways!?!?!

    It’s ALL in what happened before the loss, and everyone who’s watched a Fedor comeback knows that! I mean when Fujita nearly knocked Fedor out, it didn’t matter that Fedor ended up winning, what mattered is that Fedor got exposed….

    Right guys?

  • The fight with maia proved that anyone who doesn’t jump into a BJJ blackbelts guard is an idiot!!! Look at fedor vs werdum, fedor jumped right into that guard like a man and we all applaud him for it, because that’s how a real man fights, by putting themselves in the worst possible position!!

    Just ask GSP! Putting yourself in the perfect position for a loss is manly and anyone who doesn’t do it deserves the unending ridicule from the hand that rocks the keyboard!!

  • actually laughing out loud at “sofa head”bj penn

  • Good point, and I’d be lying if i said i was a big Silva fan, but he is undeniably one of the most talented fighters alive. I would say Anderson, Fedor, and BJ are the most talented fighers alive, but that does not necessarily make them the best fighers alive. I think people (including Anderson) get a little confused about what it means to be the best fighter and what it means to be the most talented fighter. The perception also depends on the style of fighting employed by each fighter. Anderson is a very flashy and technical standup fighter, so his talent shines. GSP never wrestled a day in his life until he started MMA and he schooled people who have been wrestling since they were kids. That takes a TON of talent, but it doesnn’t always look as nice as BJ’s fast hands or Fedors fast hips. in the end though, winning is the only thing that counts for something. Which is why as much as I love BJ you can’t rank him as a top fighter, even though he can beat anybody on any given night. Anderson has the talent and the wins to back it up, as does Fedor, which is why they are top fighters.

  • Penn can’t beat GSP because he gains weight the wrong way for one. I know anyone who doesn’t bash bj or hype gsp up gets lynched, but if gaining weight the wrong way didn’t have anything to do with anything, GSP would have already fought anderson by now at 185.

  • GSP had a chance at AS after 112 which AS called him out for at GSPs own weight class. GSP said he would not fight AS until he was ready to retire as it would mean he would have nothing left to accomplish in MMA. Why didn’t he fight back then? Dana was all for it until AS pissed him off with his Maia fight and then no more was AS allowed to fight GSP. AS right now would mince GSP, they will wait for more sure signs of Anderson slowing down first as GSP is more marketable. Why else would they cancel the superfight that AS called for and also agreed to fight at GSPs own weight? GSP was not happy to fight AS even at his own weight in his own words until he was ready to retire. Backin out is what it is.

  • Maybe if Penn had taken fighting seriously his whole life he may be better

  • GSP wants to be remembered as the most dominant champ ever, he’s protecting his record until AS becomes his last goal. I am sure he hopes AS loses his fight with Vitor to escape the challenge any time soon.

  • I dont think BJ is the very best but his fight with GSP is not determinate for GSP being p4p better since BJ is much smaller. BJ has serious talent displays that sometimes look standalone. I can see how p4p BJ may be a possible best but he keeps going up and down with his performances.

  • AJY

    I think it’s funny alot of ppl are going apeshit cause he thinks BJ is a great fighter. Umm BJ is a great fighter isn’t he? He is on the p4p list right? He might be the most naturally talented fighter to ever step in the ring, so whats wrong with Silva giving BJ props. He probably appriciates watching BJ’s skills more than GSP’s (I do too) nothing wrong with that it’s just his opinion. Also, out of all the people on the p4p list, BJ is the only one to put the theory of p4p to test by actually fighting in ALL weight classes, sometimes for better or worse, but he stepped up and tried atleast.

  • excellent response.

  • ck1

    i could agree with silva about penn if 2 things were different. If penn had always turned up in great shape and perhaps been with a different camp cos when you break down penns skill, its right at the top but sometimes the whole package didnt come together.

  • I completely agree with you! Dana will NEVER EVER EVER let GSP fight Anderson Silva because he is a smart business man. A fight between Anderson Silva and GSP will be bad for business in the long run. No offense to the die hard GSP fans on LOWKICK.

  • You really cant say that GSP is THE best p4p fighter. If he wins Jake Shields, then who is he going to fight in welterweight? After winning fights agains Kos x 2, Fitch, Alves, Hardy, Penn. He must move to middleweight before he can be called THE BEST p4p fighter on the planet.

    Now we see every GSP fan weaking this because I sayed that he aint best fighter. Same goes for GSP and Silva fans: if you say reasonable argument, they will weak you.

  • Overeem is the best in the world =D

  • making excuses keep on going

  • He’s just trying to stir the pot. Mix in some exotic spices, turn the tempature up, you know what I mean.

  • He’s been saying Penn is number one for a long time…I consider Penn top 5 fighters of all time but currently I dont think he’s the best fighter, It’s either Silva or GSP

  • Six

    I think Silva is trying to convince St. Pierre that he (GSP) already beat the P4P best when he beat Penn … no need to move up bro.

    Of course with Soras as an interpreter Silva could have actually said anything.

  • @Falcon are u high? AS called him out ? yeah right Silva is just all talk , he said he would fight Roy Jones also and did he fight him? NO!
    he said he would fight GSP at 170 did he ? NO!
    he said he wanted to move to heavyweight and fight Mir did HE? HU?
    he dosent even move to Light Heavyweight because he is scare!

    of course he fight Forrest and Irvin, GSP would fight also Bisping and Jorge Rivera! Anderson Silva needs to prove himself first in his own weight class!

    His last real fight was vs Henderson in 2008!
    he has fight cans ever since! until Sonnen and Sonnen put him the beating of his life! he still needs to redeem himself after all the lack buster fights he has done! if he beats Belfort IF he does that would be the first and a big step to do it.

    until then Silva should be quiet and train to fight like he used to years ago.

  • I don’t even know how to take that LOL

  • Moving away is dodging. Ducking under would be bobbing. Still, funny comment.

  • What do you mean AS is all talk? AS agreed to fight GSP at 170 and Dana promised him the fight up until he made a showcase out of Maia and then Dana canceled his opportunity stating he doesn’t get to fight GSP now as a punishment for being a jacka**. GSP stated he does not want to call out AS as it was not his style and that he would wait until he wants to retire before facing AS and he immediately changed the subject. lol. Why wouldn’t they fight since if GSP could tech AS a lesson it would have made everyone happy? Because Dana was 90% sure GSP would lose and GSP said himself heis not ready to call out AS. Realize AS was always in for that fight and the fans were too but business sense told Dana and GSP to back up a bit. Now they seem to be waiting and waiting until AS is frikin 40 or more. It’s Dana that is keeping AS from fighting these guys not himself. Probably the reason AS started making fools outta himself and his opponents, he wanted real fights like Chael yet without cheating. AS gave Chael respect and he was always calm and collected in the fight.

  • GSP makes excuses and AS said lets fight at your weight then.

  • For sure.

  • Well silva fought at welterweight, i think in his fight against okami they said he weighed in at 163, thats actually pretty close to lightweight. He fights at middleweight, fought at LHW, and wanted to fight at HW but dana said no to that, and wont let him fight at LHW anymore unless he commits

    But yea BJ tried, he gained weight the wrong way and had mixed results but he never apologized to nobody(Godfather quote)

  • We don’t like reasonable arguments here, brains are embarrassing, they cause your head to be shaped funny. It’s best to go by popularity, anyone who doesn’t is either a which or a communist.

    Which are you?

  • AS has been champion for a long time with the longest string of consecutive victories in the UFC. AS is a big man, who easily would fit into the LHW without any problems. AS has a striking AND reach advantage over GSP.

    Can GSP defeat AS? It’s very possible. It’s also possible he will lose.

    Given the above, I don’t blame GSP for taking his time, and leaving the AS fight until he has definitely cleaned out his division. After the Shields fight, if GSP wins, then I believe the AS fight will be on.

    I look forward to it.

  • BTW: I see the comments of AS as egging GSP on into a fight in AS’s weight class. Dana White may claim that AS is the P4P best, but many websites put GSP at the top–and I don’t believe this sits well with AS’s ego.

  • I understand how some people can get that perception of Anderson, but as a fan of MMA and somebody who respects all fighters, I like to give him the benifit of the doubt. Remember English is not his first language, and he is very culturally different from us Westerners, so its hard to gage his personality precisely, unless you are Brazilian yourself. Same thing can be said about Fedor, I like to think he has some of the most admirable qualities of any MMA fighter alive, but I don’t have a truly great sense of his personality, because he is Russian, and I don’t understand the language or the culture enough to really tell what type of guy he is. That being said, deep down I feel as though Fedor genuinely is a class act and a model citizen, and that the same description may not suite Anderson (mostly based on his in-cage antics against Damien and a few of his responses to interview questions).

  • He rates BJ as the best because BJ aint afraid of anyone or fighting any1. Combat fighters think about weight categories a real martial artist doesnt consider weight when fighting hence why BJ (a lightweight) fought Machida (light heavyweight). Hes never been knocked out or dropped and never really been hurt badly. You gotta rate BJ for fighting anyone

  • This talk of gaining weight the right way is not as simple as some make it out to be. GSP, BJ and AS all have very different body types, physical composition, and most likely training methods. GSP has basically no fat on his body, and about as much muscle on his frame as he can handle while maintaining other important qualities regarding fight performance. Anderson is tall, lanky and lean, and its probably pretty easy for him to fluncuate in weight. Think about it, hes a 36 year old man who walks around at 220-225 when he isn’t training, 205 when he is in camp, then shows up at 185 for the weigh-ins (which he never has trouble making (not to mention he fought at 170 before)), that requires a unique set of physical attributes. Penn to me is a bit of an enigma to be honest. People question his work-ethic and dedication, then they say he is focused an in shape, then he loses, then next fight he is more focused, then he loses again, then he goes up in weight and gets a quick knockout and he is just scrapping ect. ect. (By the way the only WW in the UFC he has beat is Matt Hughes, who drops his hands every time he throws a punch (not to bash BJ or anything, but he still has alot to prove besides the fact that he has potential and talent)).

  • Ever since Anderson fought Patrick Cote, he’s been winning fights based on intimidation alone. His opponents have become afraid of engaging. The end of that came with Chael, he pushed the entire fight and put constant agressive pressure on Silva and beat him into the mat. Sure Silva caught him in a triangle, which Nogueira BJJ has taught us will most like happen when you get the shit beat out of you, but its a path that will lead quickly to the downfall of Anderson Silva. As for Chael being a cheater its already been proven by the CSAC that Chael required synthetic testosterone to compete. How can BJ be a better fighter than GSP when Georges already beat him twice, and dominated him the second time? Probably because Anderson is shaken after his fight with Sonnen and smells the threat of a fight with GSP and refuses to have anyhting to do with him anymore. That cracked rib was a load of shit, watch the fight at 118 with Mario Miranda, Silva was in his corner leaning over the fence shouting instructions. That rib wasnt hurting in any way. Now, dont get me wrong, I’m a big fan of BJ, but the reason he moved back to 170 is because Edgar beat him decisively twice, and he better hope that GSP moves to 185 before BJ becomes top contender at 170. And after Silva loses to Belfort can we please get Chael and Anderson to do TUF 13, that would be awesome.

  • seems like a pretty cool, chilled out guy. but i always knew he could speak english without a translator the lazy bastard

  • I agree….How can you call someone who got owen twice by GSP and Edgar the BEST? lol…..what an idiot. I think hes scared because GSP is one potentially leathal threat to Silvas’ title. Although im a GSP fan i m not 100% sure GSP would beat Silva as much as id love to see it. Silva is larger in size and could easily fight at 205 lbs but i do believe GSP could move up to Middleweight with a little more mass to go with it….idk..this is just my opinion as like it is with everyone else!!!

  • BJ is a great fighter, when he shows up. The difference between GSP and BJ on the P4P list is that GSP always shows up ready to go while sometimes it looks like BJ is still in Hawai. When Bj is on his game tho…watch out. I’m a GSP fan and even I would like to see a BJ vs GSP III IF and thats a big IF, the same BJ penn that KO’d matt hughes showed up. Problem is, I don’t know if that same BJ would

  • You’re saying he’s a douchebag because you disagree with his pick on best p4p? Seriously… wtf? Think for sec, folks. He’s probably too humble to claim to be the best in the world. He’s never claimed that, and he probably never will. GSP and Penn are both legitimate choices. As far as picking Penn over GSP… remember, this is “lb. for lb.”, and GSP is naturally much bigger than Penn. For instance, if Lesnar fought Penn and won… that doesn’t necessarily mean Lesnar is above Penn on the lb. for lb. list.

    Yes, Edgar beat Penn twice… but again, this is “lb. for lb.” Think about it in the other direction now… Edgar has not proven that he can compete at other weight classes. Penn competes at the highest level in mulitiple weight classes.

    I’m not saying I agree with Silva. I’ll go with Fedor, personally. However, Penn is certainly a legitimate opinion to hold. Sounds to me like someone else is the self-righteous douchebag here.

  • Wow jsn…if we had more posts like yours i wouldn’t be so sarcastic all the time.

    It’s really hypocritical that the same people responsible for putting overeem in the top 10 p4p bash someone for voicing their opinion on penn. Also its hypocritical not to count the size difference between penn and GSP and then turn around and whine that silva is bigger than GSP

    But anyone who points that out is a witch, burn em in oil

  • Im pretty sure that BJ could smoke anyone in the WW division besides GSP,Fitch or possibly shields.

    And again, it may be blasphemy to say this but…..Penn definitely got the best of GSP when they were both on their feet in the first fight, then GSP just adopted the style we know him for best and won.

  • Silva must be doin drugs or somethin, GSP is the best fighter in the world hands down. I dont even like GSP and I know that. I do think BJ is one of the best all time but not over GSP

  • So true, so true., Best standup in the world by farrrrrr

  • Adam england is that you? People have to do a better job of disguising their fake accounts.

    Make sure you don’t tell anyone that hypogonadism is caused by artificially raising your testosterone level adam, the facts are known to be insanely biased against chael!!

  • AS was considered by all those websites to be p4p number 1 up until the maia fight which pissed everyone off. They all started hating him and his p4p status was taken o many sites based on their hatred of him. Then when Chael did well against him it nmade everyone stand heir ground o that decision. It is a ranking system for favourites and since 112 even though AS was dominant he has been ranked lower than GSP on most sites. Some like Rigo and Azzkika don’t rank him at all anymore which is proof of the bias and favoritism.

  • correct me if I’m wrong but, GSP BEAT PENN, TWICE!
    If there wasn’t anything other then wanting to see who the best is between GSP n Silva, there’s something a little bit of something here now.

  • Its ot blasphemy it’s ruth. AS has been known to beat people at their strengths and GSP avoids all strengths of his opponents in order to lower risk while AS is definetly more risky and yet still able to win. AS is way more exciting and not just because he strikes amazingly but because he tries to please the fans with sweet moves and incredible natural talent. If AS was as safe as GSP he would look even more impressive on paper but less impressive in the cage.

  • You are right ck1. My impression is that GSP take coaching well and travels to the “masters” to learn. BJ trains in his own camp where he is the boss and I don’t imagine anyone else can tell him where he needs to improve (think ancient tea cup parable).

  • size was the only notable advantage of gsp in those fights so it is not as viable as it seems.

  • I agree steven306. When it comes down to it I think that when GSP moves up we will find that Silva have made a “permanent” move to LHW or will find some other way to avoid him.

  • it was more then just size bruh, and besides penn lost 2 just to edgar, gsp lost 2 in his career, if anything, silva should say edgar is better then gsp if anything

  • Whoa big fella. If p4p is the discussion then when Penn moves up with extra muscle and loses to GSP he is not as good p4p! (Its Penn’s choice when he moves up whether he decides to put on fat or muscle)

    When Penn fights Edgar and Edgar is naturally lighter and wins Edgar is higher in the p4p ranking between the two of them (record aside for the moment).

  • If Silva fights GSP and loses, he’ll eat those words. But UFC probably pays Silva for this lame trash talk, feeding this new found hunger for grudge matches in MMA.

  • i think he has two weak spots. work ethic at times. and mentally, when he is getn beat or cant impose his will he shuts down.

  • Relating to your question to lowkickdodger, are you a card shark, a pool shark or a real shark?

  • So, with respect to the LA dodgers or the car (Dodge) how does that work?

  • gsp is an inch taller. he is bigger but not by much

  • That may be a valid point about edgar but vs GSP BJ was doing fine for being smaller and was better than GSP in the standup hence GSP brought it down all the time.

  • I dont know who Adam England is, but why would I say that Hypogonadism is a consequence of high testosterone when its a genetic disorder and cant come about from synthetic use of the hormone? The CSAC had all of the evidence and they said that his punishment was strictly due to the lack of disclosure and not the use of synthetic testosterone itself.

  • because gsp KNEW he had far better wrestling, and it doesn’t matter how well penn was doing during the striking aspect of the fight, gsp has neutralized far better strikers then penn such as alves and hardy, so saying size determined the fight isn’t really a valid statement

  • Uhh yes it can. It’s well known that artificially raising testosterone can lead to the testes not manufacturing testosterone in response, in addition to other problems that need not be discussed.

    “An example of acquired hypogonadism is the Anabolic Steroids Induced Hypogonadism (ASIH), and childhood mumps. Additionally, there is some evidence men whose mothers ingested the endocrine disruptor diethylstilbestrol for potential miscarriage may have hypogonadism.”

    The more you know. And an indication of his deception was the fact that he tried to say that upping your testosterone is not the same as taking steroids…as if he thought people were too stupid to know thats a lie.

  • Dude its his opinion. Why do GSP fans get upset over someone’s opinion?

  • Thats the Champ its his opinion so what everybody has a favorite.Just cause the majority of mma fans are record riders people hate…Theras alot of aspects in fighting fighters go through,for example Matt Serra’s last fight with Chris Lytle.Serra could have tooken the fight down and won but insisted on trying to win on the feet,he lost.Call it stupid call it what you want but these are things fighters go through most will do whatever it takes to win and “some challenge themselves.”Its just my opinion,I dont think Penn should have ever fought Machida…But I agree with Anderson

  • His legacy is intimidating because GSP has fought more top level competition than Silva, who just got owned for 4 1/2 rounds due to lack of wrestling defense. GSP wont gas like Sonnen, which is pretty intimidating in itself.

  • yea jury we cant afford to look at this intelligently!!! EVERyone knows that steroids or not, chael beat down anderson silva when he was injured, he lost by fluke, he’s not great like fedor!!!
    Chael got so tired from beating AS up, THATS why he REALLY got submitted! You can look and see that when chael has his energy, he never gets tapped oyut!!!

  • FEDOR IS THE GREATEST! HANDS DOWN!!!! I dont like him and i know that//….

  • OMG did you just say hardy was a better striker than penn!!!!???

  • This interviewer is a knob

  • Yea…hardy is such an awesome striker that GSP played it safe with. We know this…how? I guess because GSP didn’t want to stand with him.

    But we know that GSP will stand with awesome strikers, i mean look at what happened with koscheck in the second fight.

    Man…GSP sure has alot of second fights. 2 hughes, 2 serra, 2 koscheck, 2 penn…thats freaking 8 fights and surely he’ll HAVE to fight fitch and thiago again. I know it’s ok to say you’re gonna clean out a division but wow…should start calling him captain cleanliness is mr safety doesn’t stick.

  • there is more to size than just height GSP outweighs Penn by like 30lbs and has a 76 inch reach

  • uhm the first fight take a look at george and bj, george is covered i blood you tool. Thank god george stalled for 2 rounds to win it. The time he actualy won was is his own weight class and we knew bj had weight problems. George is good but he has no standup and thats why he constantly wrestles example against alves. Bj has standup and is a bjj world champion, get your ****ing facts straight kid andersons a class act.

  • While I agree that P4P is partly a popularity contest, I think it is also based on performance. A fighter with too many losses is not going to belong on the list no matter how popular he is.

    I think AS lost a lot of respect from fans after the Maia performance, not only personally, but also in fan assessment of him as a fighter. It was not the first time AS put in a strange performance. AS’s claims afterward that Maia disrespected him were a lie. Maia was respectful leading up to the fight. Later, Sonnen would show him true derespect.

    AS seems off and on in his performances even though he gets the win.

  • II didn’t say Silva was the p4p king and i also agree of course BJ isn’t better than GSP, but aside from that, It was not Silva’s job as the champion to put himself at risk of losing the belt, besides what would you do if someone was dancing around making a fool out of you in front of millions of people? you would sock him right in the mouth just ask Chael, he didn’t let any dancing go on in his fight.

    On another note we’ve got a bunch of hypocrites here, GSP gets dogged for not standing up with people because he’s supposedly afraid of getting knocked out, and Silva gets dogged because he doesn’t go to the ground with his opponents. It’s only the true fans that appreciate a fighters mentality and game plan,

  • Not blasphemy IMO, just irrelevant.

    As for smoking anyone in the WW division, that quite possible, but its not really based on anything tangible. He’s 2-3 at WW in the UFC, and has only faced 2 oppenents. He proved he is better than Hughes, and proved he could do no better than anyone else against GSP. I like the Fitch matchup for BJ, becuase on paper it is a tough one for BJ, so if he can win it will prove alot. I’d love to see him against a guy like Alves or Condit or Kampmann or someone like that.

  • How is that irrelevant? If you guys are all praising GSP for dismantling koscheck in standup, what would BJ do to anyone in that division who wanted to stand with him???

    Alves would be about the only person in that division i could see competing with BJ in standup realistically.

  • Yah I agree with you in terms of a stand up fight, because I know BJ and Alves would both want to keep it standing and it would be competitive, whereas other guys will feel BJ’s power and witness his speed, and if there not asleep yet they will take it to the ground.

    As for your comment being irrelevant, I just don’t see why you would even bother bringing that up. It was a long time ago, and since then BJ hasn’t really evolved, whereas St.Pierre and alot of other WW fighters have. Also thats all BJ can take from 7 rounds with GSP, he hit him with a few good shots and won a single round against him. It wasn’t a super impressive round either. He poked him in the eye in the beginning, and all the blood was from a grazing uppercut to the nose. Still showed BJ has better hands than GSP as well as pure boxing, but thats it.

  • Well the poke could not be shown clearly, it may have been a knucle, but still, his eye was swollen and BJ couldn’t capitalize or finish. I was just surprised you brought up that point is all.

  • And I am a very big Penn fan, I’m not trying to shortchange him credit, because I love watching him fight (definitely more so than GSP), I love his style, and hes a pretty cool character. I still put him very high up on my p4p list after his first loss to Edgar, but after his second one, I had no choice but to put him down, and i had already probably overvalued his talent and potential in relation to p4p requirements in the first place, mostly because I’m a big fan. But it goes back to what I said earlier, hes a bit of an Enigma, a very unique fighter indeed. Doesn’t use kicks and barely uses wrestling in an offensive manner. I honestly think he could just take most guys down and sub them pretty quickly, but still that second Edgar fight proved alot because Frankie looked good on his back, but maybe thats a testament to how good he is.

  • I would assume that when he said that he meant taking the supplement to bring your levels into balance isnt the same as taking it to boost your levels to an unnatural point.

  • Well i think it’s all how you look at it. This is still a sport, not a real life and death issue. If it was that then most people would flee unless they had the upper hand etc. Whats more exciting? Testing yourself against the best BJJ HW practitioner in the game or following a boring game plan that guarantees your victory? I’m wit Fedor, test yourself, you don’t know what kinda of a man you are until you take a leap of faith.

  • Too bad his testosterone level ended up being 4 times the norm. the more you know.

  • Come on now Spydey…. both GSP and BJ have acknoledge Fedor Emelianenko with that title, do you want me to email you videos of them saying it?

  • George has no standup…? Please, for the love of God, refer to both his second fight with Penn alongside his recent jabfest with Koscheck’s right eye. He wrestles too, but that doesn’t change the fact that to say that George has “no standup” is literally retarded.

  • Sorry, I just can’t take a man who sounds like a 12 year girl old seriously!
    Anderson’s voice might eventually break at some stage in 2011.

  • Which is why Penn got his ass whopped…he knows he’s in the same division and yet he knows GSP is bigger than him and HE still got whopped. lol….help…im burning in oil!!!!

  • Hi guys, BJ penn is good friend of Anderson Silva, so of course he is going to favor BJ, everyone has their own opinion, but I think its funny how fat nerds behind a computer screen can talk shit about a guy who would knock them out.

  • @kami84gr
    bj penn and gsp only said that because they were trying to be humble and not say that they themselves are the best in the world (fedor is probably the greatest of all time but no where in my mind that he is the best in the world today). anderson on the other hand didn’t want to say that gsp is the best in the world so he said bj penn. But here’s one thing that is true, gsp himself has said on a number of occasions that anderson silva is the best fighter in the world and not him.

  • Anderson Silva is a blowhard and a fool.

    Look, I like BJ well enough, and I respect the hell out of him as a fighter, but GSP has dominated him and many others. . . as long as Silva has been. If Silva wants to be humble, fine, be humble. DON’T say “me” if you don’t want to, Anderson. . . but you sure as hell can’t make a case for BJ.

    Make a case for Fedor if you want, or for Cain, in theory, or for any number of other fighters. . . Hell, make a case for Jose Aldo if you want.

    Most especially, the case he SHOULD make is for GSP. It’s not only the right case here, it would also be a good decision for Anderson. That way if/when GSP and Anderson fight, if Anderson wins, he’d then get to say that he just beat the man HE thought was best in the world.

    Instead we get this crap. . . Anderson just being the douchebag he is. . . trying to make an unwinnable case for a man who’s -unfortunately- past his prime.

  • When was the last time penn looked more muscular at 170?

  • Well Vitor is listening to someone(Tyson) who sounds like a 9 year old girl, do you take that seriously? Vitor does.