5 UFC Fights that absolutely have to happen in 2013


2013 is just around the corner, promising many great Mixed Martial Arts battles. This might be the year we finally see Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva, and Jon Jones’ final bouts at 205 before moving to Heavyweight. This could also be a championship breakthrough year for many young UFC stars, such as Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson.

So which fight absolutely has to happen in 2013? Hereby are five good reasons for Mayan Doomsday Predictions to go wrong. As always, make sure to share your list of five fights you want to see next year in the comments section below.

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre

So what there’s left to say about this fight? Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre would be the biggest fight in MMA history, other than Silva vs. Jon Jones. The fans want it, MMA needs it. Georges St. Pierre is currently undecided about his future inside the Octagon, but one thing is true, fighting Silva is his only chance to get past the eternal #2 spot on the Pound-for-Pound rankings. Some individuals would put GSP at #1 in first place (myself included, maybe), but the truth is still out there – this fight is the legacy statement Georges St. Pierre is always talking about.

Junior dos Santos vs. Alistair Overeem

This heavyweight blockbuster was originally scheduled to take place earlier this year. However, Overeem failed a surprise drug test, and the rest is history. Yet, Overeem is widely regarded as one of the best fighters on the planet, and a serious threat to Junior dos Santos’ reign as the UFC Heavyweight champion. Both fighters are well-known for their KO power, promising a thunderous encounter inside the Octagon when (or if) this match-up finally becomes a reality. It’s power vs. speed, and the most intriguing Heavyweight bout since Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar at UFC 100.

Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo

It took no less than three years to convince Frankie Edgar that he should be fighting at Featherweight. It’s always great to see Frankie Edgar facing a new opponent, especially after having three consecutive rematches at Lightweight. While Aldo threatens to send “The Answer” back to 155, he should definitely consider Edgar as his toughest test to date. This would also be an important fight for Frankie Edgar’s Pound-for-Pound ranking. Like it or not, but many fighters are still talking about “The Answer” as one of the top three fighters on the planet. Jose Aldo will put this claim to a heavy-duty test. After getting postponed over and over again, this fight is now expected to take place at UFC 156, on February 2nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Jon Jones

Yes, both fighters have a very tough match-ups ahead. But still, I think many of you, dear LowKick’ers, would agree that Alexander Gustafsson is currently the most challenging opponent for Jon Jones in the UFC Light Heavyweight division. Despite his quiet and peaceful demeanor, Gustafsson is often mentioned as one of the most intimidating fighters inside the training room. Jon Jones is well aware of the fact that there’s a young and hungry Sweden climbing up the ladder. He knows that after fighting Chael Sonnen in April, Alexander Gustafsson could well be the next in line for a shot at the title. Too bad Rua and Sonnen have plans of their own.

Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis

This is the only non-title fight on this list. Cerrone and Pettis are both fierce competitors, with sights on earning their first title shot in the UFC Lightweight division. There’s also a long history of trash talk between the two, with Cerrone famously calling Pettis “a b*tch” for “hiding behind injuries”. This is a great clash of styles and personalities, which has Fight of the Year written all over it. Cerrone and Pettis are currently lined-up to hit each other in the face on January 26th. Interestingly enough, Pettis is currently battling a serious Staph Infection. However, Showtime promised he will be 100% fight-fit for his late January date with the Cowboy. Let’s hope for the best.

  • Jones vs Cormier
    Teixeira vs Rampage
    Macdonald vs Nick Diaz
    Maynard vs Melendez
    Barao vs Dominick
    Diego Sanchez vs Eddie Alvarez
    Nate Marquardt vs Koscheck
    Bisping vs Rockhold
    Lombard vs Stann

    i would love to see these fights too!

    • anton wtf "your self included, maybe" lmfao

      other then that good list

  • Whats the "very tough matchup" Jones has ahead of him that Im not aware of??

    • uhmmm let m,e think….. uhm…. oh yea maybe the fights at HEAVYWEIGHT? cormier,bigfoot, ovareem, velasquez, or dos santos are the ones im pretty sure are "very tough match ups" not to mention lower tier fighters such as struve, mark hunt may even pose a threat. that is why there are divisions.

  • This are the real super fights that should happen 2013! in order :
    1. Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva
    2. Junior Dos Santos vs Alistar Overeem
    3. Georges St Pierre vs Nick Diaz
    4. Frankie Edgar vs Jose Aldo

    Next are not Super fights but still awesome fights:
    5. Anthony Pettis vs Donald Cerrone
    6. Eddie Alvarez vs Gilbert Melendez
    7. Frank Mir vs Fabricio Werdum
    8. Dominick Cruz vs Renan Barao

    • Also a few exciting fights :
      – Luke Rockhold vs Alan Belcher
      – Rampage vs Texeira
      – Michael Chandler vs Gray Maynard

      • Have to completely agree on all those matchups Rigo…

        I'll be interested to see what happens with chris leben and also wandelie.

    • +1 Have no desire to see Silva/GSP Jones/Silva… HELL YES!

  • theres more matchups i'll take a different approach i want to see future stars,champs, and contenders fight;
    Johnny hendricks vs rory macdonald
    erick silva vs hendricks or macdonald
    jones vs struve
    gustaffson vs texiera
    eddie alverez vs nate diaz
    rousey vs Tate!
    GOAT vs Nick diaz
    weidman vs bisping

  • 5 fights that absolutely won't happen in 2013:

    Silva – GSP (Gsp won't go up and Silva won't come down. Since Silva is calling out GSP it should be he who makes the drop)

    JDS – Overeem (If Overeem is really off the horse meat he will have turned into a 350lb lump of porridge. if not he'll probably get cuaght again and banned for life next time)

    Silva – Jones (Silva does not fancy his chances against Jones and who can blame him. He is similar in stature but not physique, Jones has more muscle and is a nightmare match up for Silva with his dominant wrestling and some of the nastiest GnP since Tito)

    Alvarez – Melendez (Both of these will be star attractions in the opctagon and I'm not sure DW eould want them squaring off so soon in the UFC)

    Me – anybody (I'm a fast runner……)

  • All but the AS vs GSP….dont think it should happen……the goat will either be too big for GSP at 185 or too drained by the cut if it happens at a lower weight…the goat has fought at LHW 3 times and dominated…he should go for Jones…that would be the most epic MMA encounter of all time for sure and it is within our reach…we might never have the chance to see something like that again ..ever…..

  • BTW Rigo nailed it.

  • i'm also not interested in GSP vs anderson silva. the fight i would really love to see and i would be desperate to watch if they announced it, is Jon jones vs AS.

  • I dont think AS likes the idea of fighting Jon jones. thats why he waited for GSP to come out of a win to start giving himself in the talks of a superfight. Jon jones is a bigger version of AS plus more (wresting and brutal GnP)