Fabricio Werdum Decides To Appeal UFC 213 Loss To Alistair Overeem


Heavyweight veterans Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem faced off for a third time at this past weekend’s (July 8, 2017) UFC 213 from Las Vegas, Nevada.

They first fought at a Pride event in 2006 where Werdum scored a submission victory over “The Reem”. The rematch, which was won by Overeem, took place at a Strikeforce event in 2011, although it was a lackluster fight at best.

And the trilogy? Well, it wasn’t much better than the rematch. Werdum and Overeem battled it out for three rounds, although it was a rather uneventful affair. “Vai Cavalo” had Overeem hurt at one point, but he was unable to finish the fight, and ultimately ended up losing a somewhat controversial decision.

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The former champion clearly wasn’t happy with the decision, and he now plans to appeal the loss:

“The athletic commission gives us a chance to appeal, so I want to see what happens,” Werdum told MMA Fighting. “I have the right to appeal because I don’t want this loss on my record. I’m sure I won because I won the first and the third rounds, and lost the second one.

“When I lose a fight I admit it, but this one… The crowd booed him, I received a lot of messages. Everyone saw I won. You saw my face after the fight, I couldn’t believe I lost. I was surprised.”

Not only will Werdum appeal the loss, but he wouldn’t mind fighting Overeem four a fourth time – as long it gets him closer to a title shot:

 “A fourth fight would be good if I appeal and it doesn’t change the result,” Werdum said. “My goal is the belt, and if he’s on my way, I think it would be good to fight him a fourth time. I’d like to fight him a fourth time to show the reality, what really happened. I believe I won. If it’s worth it to fight a fourth time to get to what I want, the belt, that would be interesting, for him.

“I always say that a loss it three steps back and a win is one step forward, but the way it was, I think it was only one step back. I believe I won, but the official result was a loss. I have a loss in my record.”

Both Werdum and Overeem have lost to heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in recent memory, but the bout was still being labeled as a potential eliminator, although UFC President Dana White wasn’t too impressed with Overeem’s performance either.

Werdum is unlikely to win the appeal, but he still plans on fighting again this year:

“I want to fight again this year,” Werdum said. “I was away from a long time and I don’t like that. I’d like to fight at least three times a year, that would be the ideal. I’d like to fight again in November, so I have enough time to rest after the training camp, enjoy my family for a while, and do a few things scheduled outside the cage in Brazil.”

What do you suggest the UFC do with Werdum, Overeem, and the heavyweight title picture?

  • Murdock

    I reckon Werdum and Velasquez should rematch next while Overeem and Lewis should bang it out.

  • Murdock

    I wouldn’t mind see Werdum vs Velasquez or Lewis next and Overeem vs. Ngannou.

  • 666elmismodiablo

    Werdum stop crying…go home!

    • Jeff Harris

      Why ?? He is right !! The decision was a fucking robbery ! . . He might have been backing up in the first round for the most part but he swung and landed way more than Overeem .. Overeem just posed around the ring stalking with his hands down and threw maybe four or five times all round .. How the fuck does he win that one ?? The second and third rounds were quite clear who won them .. The judging system or judges for that fight was rigged !! No fucking way Overeem won …