Yoel Romero Is Done Chasing Michael Bisping


Yoel Romero is undoubtedly deserving of a 185-pound title shot.

The No. 1-ranked UFC middleweight contender has won an incredible eight straight fights, with six of those victories coming by way of stoppage. The former Olympic silver medalist has scored notable wins over the likes of Tim Kennedy, Lyoto Machida, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Chris Weidman, most recently flooring Weidman with a vicious flying knee at UFC 205 last November.

After his victory at UFC 205 in New York City, Romero was all but promised a title shot against champion Michael Bisping, but he was forced to take a seat when UFC President Dana White announced this past March that Bisping would next be defending his title against returning former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

Since that announcement, little progress has been made towards making the fight official and White recently pulled the plug on the bout, saying that Bisping would fight Romero next instead. Ironically, “The Count” has now said that his knee injury is not healed and that he’ll be waiting till November for a showdown with St. Pierre.

With that being said, Romero took to his official Twitter account to announce that he’s moving past a bout with Bisping, saying that he’ll now focus his attention towards the next contender put in front of him:

As far as who he could fight next, Romero does indeed have some options. Despite his incredible win streak, he has yet to compete against the three contenders sitting behind him.

After losing his title in shocking fashion to Bisping at UFC 199 last June, No. 2-ranked former champion Luke Rockhold was scheduled to rematch Souza last November, but he was forced to withdraw from the bout after suffering a knee injury. He has recently voiced his displeasure with the UFC’s matchmaking, but if he returns to full health in the near future, a bout between him and “The Solider of God” would make quite a bit of sense.

No. 3-ranked Robert Whittaker is coming off of an upset stoppage victory over “Jacare” at UFC on FOX 24 in Kansas, City in which he established himself as a legitimate title threat in the division. The UFC could match up the 26-year-old Australian contender with Romero in what would be an exciting title eliminator bout.

Finally, No. 4-ranked former Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi has recently hit his stride, scoring five consecutive victories, with four of those victories coming in impressive stoppage fashion. His most recent win, however, was a highly controversial one over Weidman at UFC 210 in Buffalo this past April. Either way, he remains a veteran of the sport and a bout between him and Romero would certainly pit two of the division’s very best against each other.

Of course, Romero should be rewarded the next 185-pound title shot if Bisping isn’t fighting St. Pierre, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the champion campaign hard for a ‘money fight’ with the Canadian star.

Who would you like to see “The Solider of God” take on next?

  • Dave WC

    Bisping needs to be stripped of the title. Almost a year and he hasn’t had a legitimate defense yet.

    • Jamie Eyeles

      You can throw McChicken into that bucket as well.

      There should be a rule that you have ti defend your belt in a certain period of time, or be stripped of it and none of this ridiculous interim belt nonsense.

      • Murdock

        an interim title is needed in this case if the current champion is holding up the division as it’s the only alternative and one that makes sense. nobody complained when Barao was made interim champion who went on to defend it against the top guys in the division (at the time).

  • Martin Jung

    Good question , I mean all those fights you mentioned seemed exciting to me , you know? But seriously good move on Romero keep active and prove that he is a true #1 contender . I can only see great things from the soldier

  • aFriendlyAgenda


    Now is not the time to play aloof and dismissive
    We’ve ALMOST got Bisping pinned down

    On the contrary now is the perfect time for you to help us turn it up and pour it on

  • Steve Barnes

    Romero vs Whittaker for the uncrowned championship, Bisping really doesn’t want to fight either of them.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Who cares what Bisping wants

      Does he work for the fans or do we work for Michael Bisping

      Who’s putting the money in his pocket

  • ernesto chavez

    An interim title is called for in this case since the so called “champion,” Mr. Bisping will not fight the #1 contender or even the next four in line. The interim champion would hold the real title until Bisping decides to fight the legitimate contenders per rankings.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Interim belt and “real title” isn’t the same thing
      And digging all these interim belt holes just makes it all worse and cheapens all the belts

      They need to take it away from him if he wont defend it

      I understand and agree that you cant just force people to fight who ever you want to force them to fight like back when Dana had his mind set on forcing team-mates to fight each other

      Unless your sitting on the belt

      Then you DO have to fight who they tell you to fight
      Your teamy can decline to fight you, but if the top contender is willing to fight you, you HAVE to defend the belt

      Its not just you and what you want to do like when you didn’t have the belt

      • Murdock

        The interim belt and the real one is the same thing. When Cruz was out for two years, Barao was defending the interim title against the top guys. Its not all that different after all.

    • Jamie Eyeles

      “interim title” is meaningless. Defend you belt every 6 months or lose it. Period.

  • Water Buffalo

    Bisping should be stripped of his title, for not facing a legitimate contender as of yet; or at the very least, an Interim belt awarded to the winner of a fight between the # 1 legit, and ready to go MW contender_ Yoel Romero vs. ?, the top 2 or 3 in line behind him.

  • JamesC

    I am going to be honest. I just cant get behind Romero. Its a combo of his blatant cheating in ring, his obvious roid use, his communist military march, his poopy pants, and his horrible accent (#notracist).

    I agree with Bisping avoiding this guy because cheaters should not be rewarded. I also happen to think that he will beat Romero. I think that GSP, No matter what the outcome will lead to legendary status. Either GSP joins the two weight champ club or Bisping has wins over Silva and GSP on his resume.

    However, if Bisping beats Romero. A Romero win would legitmize Bisping in the eyes of the people. Then he can go get that paper. And you do Silva vs GSP…winner gets Bisping. That would be epic.

    • Jamie Eyeles

      I agree with most of what you said, except the steroids argument. All are on it, some get caught and some don’t. Look how many fighters started to lose when stricter USADA testing came into effect. Women’s bantam weights?

      • JamesC

        That is my point. We arent in the early days when everyone was juiced. Guys are clearly getting clean and we are seeing performances drop (JDS, Hendricks, Barao, Alves, RDA, etc)

        I think USADA is catching guys and scaring guys away. Bisping being a prime example. He has been clean and has been screwed. Why should he be screwed again. Bisping has constantly lost to dirty athletes and Yoel has made a career off of beating clean guys.

      • jess fenchley

        Yep buster holm hasnt won yet since usada owned her azz. Thats the only way Rousey can get beat is by roided up man chicks