5 Reasons Anthony Pettis Should Get The Next Title Shot


Former WEC Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is now one step away from his long-awaited shot at the title, fresh off a convincing performance against Donald Cerrone LIVE on FOX. Pettis is currently 16-2 in his MMA career, losing only to Clay Guida and Bart Palaszewski, both via decision. Pettis holds victories over Benson Henderson, Jeremy Stephens, Joe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone and Danny Castillo, which makes him one of the Top 5 155’ers on the planet.

Despite Pettis’ success in the UFC, he will have to wait for his chance to dethrone Benderson, since the champ is already scheduled to face Gilbert Melendez at UFC on FOX 7 in April. However, with zero UFC fights under his belt, I would suggest Anthony Pettis as a legitimate number one contender, just like Gilbert Melendez. Both are coming from a devoured promotion, and both have to unify their titles. Pettis has a long history of not using his title shots.  Below are five reasons why now is the time:

#1 – Victory over Donald Cerrone

There’s no doubt about Cowboy Cerrone being one of the toughest fighters in the UFC Lightweight division. Moreover, Cerrone not once proved himself against top-tier competition, and was en route to become the next #1 contender. Anthony Pettis proved a point against Cerrone, in what was a bold title shot statement.

#2 – Promises should be kept

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit confused about Anthony Pettis’ situation. He was supposed to fight for the title after his victory over Ben Henderson in WEC, the he lost a decision to Clay Guida, then he won against Stephens and Lauzon, but got injured and got Cowboy Cerrone instead. One way or another, Pettis is still the last reigning WEC Lightweight champion, and he simply has to fight for UFC Lightweight title. Until then, this absurd situation makes him the linear UFC Lightweight champion.

#3 – Three in a row

Jeremy Stephens, Joe Lauzon, and Donald Cerrone. Those three high profile victories are more than enough to earn a title shot. In fact, Gilbert Melendez’s resume is not as impressive, and he still gets the nod in this so-called title shot rat race.

#4 – Benson Henderson

Unfinished business. Plain and simple. Ben Henderson knows he has something to prove against Anthony Pettis after “Showtime” dominated him back in 2010. Henderson is now the UFC Lightweight champ, and without a doubt one of the top pound-for-pound fighters on the planet, but he still has to avenge that loss. More than anything, fighting Pettis would earn Henderson that ‘undisputed’ status.

#5 – Showtime

Anthony Pettis is bar none the most exciting fighter at 155. Showtime kick, cartwheel kick, knee off the fence… and the list goes on. I’m not saying Gilbert Melendez is not an exciting fighter, it’s just that Pettis is so unpredictable and so unorthodox, it would be simply thrilling to see him on the highest stage of them all.

  • aldo vs pettis would be amazing!

    • Cain / Pettis…would be better.

    • Benson is creative fighter to, remember that jump spinning kick while frankie was holding onto one of his leg in the first fight? No one saw that comming, both fighters have evolved and are looking good. In the end well just see who has improved the most since the WEC days.

  • When did this domination occur, exactly? That fight was pretty even. It got swayed by the flashiness of the "showtime" kick, and that's all.

    • You need to watch the fight again , yes it was pretty even each won 2 rounds coning to the 5th, but that 5th last round.was all Pettis he was picking bendo apart on the feet , he outstrike him several occasions knee him while bendo went went for the takedown and drop him , and if course.the showtime kick

    • One must have excellent nose control to make art snot.

    • Well said, artsnot.

    • I believe he won the last round because he almost knocked Hendo out, the flashiness of the kick was a bonus.

    • I agree, it would have been a draw if not for the showtime kick.

  • It wasn't domination, but it was a clear Pettis victory even before the Showtime kick. Ben only won one round clearly, and you have to really give him the benefit of the doubt to give him a second.

    I had it 4-1, and had the 5th 10-8. Pettis beat him in basically every facet of the fight.

    • There was no 10-8 round. I agree with the decision for Pettis but it was nail bitingly close. The closest to a finish was when Ben had Pettis back going for a sunken rear naked. I predict either Pettis gets a KO or he loses the next fight.

      • So, in essence you are predicting either Pettis or Henderson will win? Way to go out on a limb. SORRY, just kidding, I couldn't pass that one up.

        • I'm just trying to improve my chances.lol.

      • That's not correct in the slightes. Both had each other's back at points, and Ben had a RNC attempt (which was not that close, although it was a quality attempt). However, by far the closest to a finish was when the showtime kick happened. It also happened at the end of a round in which Pettis was clearly winning in the first place.

        So it should be a 10-8.

        • I dissagree, but there was no 10-8 round ever for sure. A 10-8 round is like R3 of Fitch vs Eric Silva.

        • Both did have each others backs but Bens was closer to a finish and the flying kick was a knockdown but Ben was backpedaling during the kick which made the kick look worse because of the momentum already in action in which Ben was stunned. I have said already that I do think Pettis deserved the win but he only did by the skin of his teeth.

  • Pettis was another victim of the judging criteria, he deserves that tittle shot is plain and simple, Melendez should fight the winner of Pettis vs Bendo not the other way arround

    • I'll agree with that, and I like Melendez.

  • Pettis is good, but a little to fancy. All it takes is one mistake and your done, and I see him taking those shots/chances way too often. Just like any sport basics are king. Sure it's cool to see new stuff, but his a real risk taker. Benson has improved and so has pettis, but I believe this rematch will come out way different. Benson has risen to the top in two different organizations and has improved a lot. Benson will make sure to bring it next rematch. Benson for the win.

    • He makes it work. Watch Anderson Silva's early fights and you will see some similarities and yes, I am saying that Pettis is 155's Anderson Silva.

  • Pettis is by far the best suited challenger. Melendez and Alvarez should fight each other and the winner should get Diaz or Miller. Pettis vs Henderson should already be booked. Cerrone can go wake board or whatever the fuck he wants to do. I don't really know what to say about the top lightweights anymore, after Bendo, Pettis, Diaz, Maynard, MIller it kind of drops off quite a bit when you start talking about , Melvin guillards, Joe Lauzon, Sam Stout, Mark Bocek and now Donald Cerrone.. All good fighters but not title contenders. Edson Barboza has started to look like a possible contender but he hasn't been tested yet.

    • Barboza vs Pettis would be amazing and I feel Pettis may go to the ground on that one.

  • Hasn't proved it yet ^ @ Barboza

  • I think Pettis should get the shot before Melendez for sure.

  • Bendo and Pettis was dead even until the showtime kick; there was no dominance on either side.

  • Bendo gonna take a long look at the Guida fight because as good as Pettis is he is vulnerable to a lay and pray master.

  • War Pettis… Mr. Ben Henderson better start kissing that belt good bye. Shine it up real nice for him… Showtime is coming for it.. And Gilbert Melendez better be training super hard also… It won't be an easy fight for him against Henderson