10 Times Joe Rogan Lost His Mind On The Mic


Arguably one of the best moves the UFC ever made was to bring Joe Rogan on-board to provide color commentary.

When he first started as a backstage interviewer at UFC 12, he may have seemed an unlikely choice given that he was a stand-up comedian and TV show actor at the time.

However, it quickly became clear that few people were able to express their passion for the sport the way he did. As such, his infectious enthusiasm and unrivaled energy eventually led to him being hired as a color commentator at UFC 37.5 in 2002, and he’s been in the broadcast booth alongside Mike Goldberg ever since.

In this article we’ll take a trip down memory lane to recall ten classic examples of Rogan getting completely carried away while doing what he once described as, “the greatest job in the world.”

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  • MeatCrusher

    He lost all credibility with his “Ronda is the best ever” comment while literally having tears in his eyes. Joe, time to go away.

    • Craig Spazman Simmons

      Dude has forgotten more about MMA than you will ever know.

    • Monster Rain

      Ugh…That guy. Constantly whining about everything in the sport. Give up, you don’t like MMA anymore.

  • Peaceful Mind

    joe rogan is a dufuss. It was unfortunate to be in the same arena as him on 5 different occasions. I paid for a floor seat, and the dip shit wouldn’t give the fans, the time of day. Everyone else is doing photo ops, and autographs, meanwhile rogan, is saying, “I gotta go”, then just up and walks away from the fans, immediately after commentating.

    • Bleek

      Seriously? The Guy Prob puts in a 15hr. Day during UFC events… And you’re mad he wants to try & beat the crowd and get to his hotel, have a bite to eat and rest before he Flys out again? He waits & Does Photos for Hundreds of his fans after his comedy shows… But Shame on him for not acknowledging you personally!

      • Peaceful Mind

        You obviously don’t understand my point. I wasn’t speaking just for myself. He does it every single time to everyone at the UFC events. My point is clear. I pay extra $ to watch events on the floor. So, yes other fans, including myself expect to meet the competitors, and the commentators. Everyone else does photo ops, and autographs. I met Bruce buffer, Dana White, Some of the competitors/fighters. This is how it is. If you are putting too much on your plate, like stand-up comedy, commentating, and pod casts, and just reeling in the dough, then you’re just greedy. As a person of interest, that puts themselves in the spot light, they have an obligation to not only media, but to the fans that pay high priced $ to meet them….even just a simple hand shake.

        • The Cyndicate

          You do understand that paying for floor seats is not paying for meet and great passes? They have meet and great passes as well as the UFC fan expo. You paid for seats closer to the action, that’s what the extra money is for. Any photo ops you have gotten, has been out of the kindness of those people’s hearts, not because you were owed it.

          • Peaceful Mind

            That’s just another scam that you fell for. Paying extra monies for a photo op, or a signature is just another excuse to suck more monies out of us, and take advantage of our interests. I never once stated that I was “owed” anything for purchasing an over priced floor seat. My point is it’s their obligation as a public figure. Oh well, there’s no use explaining anything to peoples that have closed minds, and only view everything in a one dimensional cyber way.

          • The Cyndicate

            You just explained yourself.

            Like I said floor seats cost more because you are closer to the action. You are also on camera.

            If anyone let you have a photo op, it’s out of kindness.

            This is a simple concept.

          • Peaceful Mind

            I can only agree to disagree.

          • Nospoon

            Holy shit… >>>>>>> “there’s no use explaining anything to peoples that have closed minds, and only view everything in a one dimensional cyber way.” Are you talking about yourself? Stupid hypocrite…. I can’t believe people like you exist.

          • Peaceful Mind

            I challenge you to read out loud what you just typed on your computer screen. you’re not “debating” anything. you’re just looking for a negative reaction to start an altercation. There’s a place for peoples like you. It’s called riverview. No intelligence. No self control, and no comprehension. Now, go run off and troll another total stranger, and talk out of your ass. you’re the type of person that says fuck all to a persons face, but holds all your anger and rage in until he gets home to shit out of your mouth on social media. To top it all off, you remain anonymous. you’re just a bad joke.

          • Nospoon

            xD You don’t know me silly twat so stop projecting lol. You’re the definition of a F*%k boy, you know that?. I was just pointing out an obvious flaw in your character, no need to lose your shit. Instead become a better more open minded person not the senile hypocrite you portray yourself to be.

          • Martin Alexander

            you seem to have everything back wards. everything you criticize me about, is your mirror, /a reflection of yourself. We are strangers to one another. you are just a little guy. you need to grow up and experience life, and then you’ll have some understanding and perhaps have an idea of what you’re talkin about. Name calling, speculation of persona, and over reacting like a vagina? That’s all you’ve done. Lol. I’m just still laughing at you. you humour me. Grow up little boy.

          • Nospoon

            You talking to me you opinionated fuck boy?

          • Martin Alexander

            That’s exactly what fuck boys say. they also hide behind anonymity. they’re too sacred of their own shadow. Hiding in their mommy’s basement, using mommy’s internet. Lol. No one gives 2 shits about what little fuck boys like you have to say. key board warrior. you’re nothin but a joke.

          • Nospoon

            A hypocrite to your own statements. Why do old people go senile so fast now a days? To much GMO and high fructose cornsyrup I say.
            Anyways I’m not hiding behind anonymity you stupid fuck I am just not obligated and to lazy to post my picture and put my actual name.
            It’s called a screenname silly! lol
            people do it all the time! XD
            You aren’t very bright. Fuck off now little sheep.

    • Matt Robling

      He also stays after all his stand up shows to shake hands and take pictures with people.

      You expect far too fucking much and it’s ugly to see.

      • Peaceful Mind

        you seem to have gotten what you want, but I’m speaking for all the fans, not just stand up. If he wants to pick and choose, who gets to have an autograph, or photo op, then he should step down from some of his career choices. with the spot light comes responsibility, and obligations. “stand up”, didn’t make him all the fame and glory. He wasn’t really noticed until UFC, and Fear Factor.

        • ajden

          There are no responsibilities for Joe other than commentating. If he wants to take a photo great but if he just feels like he doesn’t want to see another human face and just go to his hotel room i can understand that to.

          Why do you feel like celebrities owe you something?

          • Peaceful Mind

            Did you not read the other post and comments? What’s wrong with your brain? I never once stated how I “feel”, or anyone “owing”, me anything. Dumb dumb.

          • ginger bread

            You absolutely said that and everyone hear thinks they would love to watch you get in the octagon so Joe could laugh at your smashed face. YOU ARE THE DOUCHE. Not everyone else

          • Peaceful Mind

            you’re just a little boy, with juvenile rage. you haven’t experienced life,. So everything that comes out your ass, is tha same as what comes out your mouth. It’s all just human waste. Grow up, and say something meaningful, and stop hiding behind your computer before lashing out.

          • Matt Robling

            This is a year old now and I wanted you to know you’re a weirdo for thinking that someone should leave their job so they can ‘shake more hands and do photos”

            You didn’t say “they owe me” directly, but you said it every other possible way.

            You’re an autistic moron.

          • Peaceful Mind

            you’re just a little boy, with juvenile rage. you haven’t experienced
            life,. So everything that comes out your ass, is tha same as what comes
            out your mouth. It’s all just human waste. Grow up, and say something
            meaningful, and stop hiding behind your computer before lashing out. I’m a ruff-neck. I worked logging, and commercial fishing. I also work in concrete and steel. I make boys in their 20s, and 30s, look like they’re standing still. I gladly tell anyone to their faces, exactly what I say on here. Stop kid-ding yourself.

  • The Cyndicate

    Rogan started out bad.
    He didn’t know anything about the sport at the time, but people now give him credit like he did. I remember wanting to smack him around because of the stupid crap he said, but now he has won me over. He studied hard. Worked hard. He learned the sport the hard way and I respect that.


    You titled this 10 times Joe Rogan lost his mind, but then you only gave 5 examples.

    Ross Cole you click baiting piece of shit, youll never get anywhere in life with this garbage. This is a no skill job where you just quote people and then type a couple of sentences about things nobody gives a fuck about, and you cant even do that right

    Do the world a fucking favor and erase yourself from existence