15 Times Joe Rogan Showed His Mastery Of Martial Arts


Comedian, actor, podcaster and TV host Joe Rogan landed his color commentary role at the UFC despite never having competed in a mixed martial arts bout, but make no mistake, he’s a highly skilled martial artist – and we’ve got the video footage to prove it!

Rogan admits to having been obsessed with martial arts in his youth, becoming a taekwondo black belt by the age of 15 and going on to win four championships in Massachusetts along with a US Open tournament.

He stopped competing in his early 20s after also dabbling in judo and kickboxing, but he’s never stopped training, and in addition to refining his striking skills he’s since become a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Jean Jacques Machado and a black belt in 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu (no-gi) under Eddie Bravo.

Over the years Rogan has repeatedly turned down pleas from fans to fight in the Octagon, confessing that he has real concerns about the potential for head trauma, and also once joking with fans that, “I would break that drug test like a hammer hitting a carnival bell in a bugs bunny cartoon.”

Nevertheless, based on the video footage you’re about to see, it’s a crying shame that we’ll never get a chance to see him in action as there’s no doubting he has some serious skills.

15.Joe Rogan Taekwondo Kicks with Eddie Bravo

If it wasn’t for Rogan’s long-time friend Eddie Bravo it’s possible the world would never have known just how devastating his kicks are.

Bravo knew only too well and was eager to spread the word, so he encouraged Rogan to demonstrate some of his taekwondo techniques which would be featured on his 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu ‘Mastering The System’ YouTube video series.

A bumper collection of clips from those segments, filmed at Rogan’s own custom-made home gym are featured in this video.

They show Rogan’s excellent technique and in particular the jaw-dropping power that he’s able to generate as he practically folds his muay thai bag in half with turning and spinning side kicks, not to mention wheel kicks, spinning heel kicks, and more.

14.Joe Rogan Teaching GSP His Turning Side Kick

Thanks to Bravo’s videos word quickly spread that Rogan’s kicks were extremely potent and that led to a number of famous mixed martial arts fighters seeking advice from the UFC color commentator.

Perhaps Rogan’s greatest honor came when UFC superstar Georges St. Pierre personally asked him to help with his own turning side kick technique despite being a Kyokushin Karate black belt in his own right.

”The best side kick I have seen in my life,” GSP said in admiration as he filmed Rogan killing the bag.

13.Joe Rogan Gives Bryan Callen Kicking Lessons

Here’s Rogan giving his friend and fellow comedian / actor / podcaster Bryan Callen an impromptu kicking lesson during a recent edition of the ‘Joe Rogan Fight Companion’ show.

Callen claimed to have taken taekwondo lessons in his youth, but it quickly becomes clear he could use a few pointers!

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  • Bradius Maxximus

    I have always loved Rogan…think he is right about failing the drug tests though…that pic is an obvious roid nipple…too bad.

    • Ricky Cue

      TRT and smokes weed..settle down with your roid accusustaions.

  • Jeff Harris

    Wow that guy sounded like quite the fkn goober …

  • Disqus

    OK – All that Joe Bogan is really doing here is “pushing” his foot into the bag, and not actually kicking it – THERE’S A HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Yes, it “looks” impressive, but more often than not, it’s the kicks and punches that DON’T actually look that great – are the ones that REALLY matter – the ones that make all the difference! Do NOT forget – first and foremost – Bogan is a wanker, secondly he’s and actor (and a crappy one at that) – so THIS is where he has learned his impressive all showy for the camera style of “kicks”. Take a good, close look at Bruce Lee’s kicks and punches, and you will see a MAJOR MAJOR difference – you will see very short but EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE styling of the utmost efficiency, but one thing you will never, ever see with a real martial artist like Bruce – (besides in his movies, of course!) is show off style and extended (time wise) kicks!! NO – he will ALWAYS retract extremely quickly, or you WILL get taken out if you just keep your extremities out there hanging all out for the whole entire world to see.
    Thirdly, Bogan is a comedian….OK, scrap that – forget I EVER even mentioned that one!!!

    • Steve Bike

      Do you have more credentials over Rogan? Comparing kicks Bruce Lee never used in a real fight vs techniques kickboxers and TDK dudes use in tournaments and saying they’re just flashing and all show is complete and utter bullshit. You either watch too many Bruce Lee movies and don’t watch enough K1/Muay Thai or you just never trained before and think you know more than you really do.

      • Disqus

        For ONE thing – within ALL of my martial arts training in which I have ever participated in, yes I did my fair share of sweating bullets, blood & massive buckets of Adrenalin – and then some!!

        BUT – I will tell you this – I never, and I repeat – I NEVER NEVER EVER had a secretive fetish to have the downright raw animalistic craving to be on the floor on the top of (or underneath!!, yuck!) of another totally strange, man sweating his totally salty, steroidal waterlogged slodgy sweat – all over every square inch of my half naked body!!! NEVER!!! Disgusting! I just don’t roll that way (if you “know” what I mean!)

        I mean, if Ho’ Bogan “rolls like that” – then – who am I to judge?!! He just might be totally into “that sorta thing” – But as for me – I don’t EVER feel the need to have to feel other sausages and smell other men’s crotches to feel as if I’m a top-level martial artist.

        That all come to be popular all because of the clever marketing tactics, but it has almost nothing to do with being the best of the best, on ANY level.

        The only thing I do commend is that their individual bodies are in tip top muscularity and are ideal bodies for fighting…but it all comes down to sponsor-ships, money, diet, exercise and did I mention – money?

        All of that along with a shit tonne of TIME – and a great coach, and a boat load of “performance enhancers” – and you got yourself the perfect recipe for an ideal body! But then they throw it all down the drain, cause what do they all do with it all??

        They jump on top of other men, rolling around on the floor (as I used to do as a 7 yr old kid with my little brother!!) – If ONLY they actually got themselves into a REAL martial art – but – each to their own…some just may crave another humans contact from – another male!

        Who am I to judge?

      • Disqus

        Matey, when you’ve achieved all the grinding & blood-curdling way up to 3rd degree black belt in Traditional style hardcore Japanese style martial arts with multiple kumite wins under his belt….then you may comment in a keyboard warrior style sparring contest…. otherwise, you have zero cred & no jurastiction here bud.????????????

    • dude, you have to be joking. watch the GSP video.

  • Joe Rogan chokes out crazy guy is hilarious. That dude is so embarrassed.