10 Times Dana White Straight Up Lied To The MMA World


In the world of sports it’s fair to say that there’s no other frontman quite like UFC president Dana White.

Charismatic, outspoken, passionate, volatile and unapologetic, both fans and media alike hang on the famed fight promotor’s every word due to his unrivaled ability to both make and break news.

However, though he prides himself on shooting from the hip and telling it like it is, the reality is that you often have to take what White is saying with a large pinch of salt, as over the years, he has proven to a master at manipulating the truth.

With that in mind, in this article we’ll set out to explore 10 classic examples of White shamelessly serving up his own unique brand of ‘alternative facts.’

1. UFC Is Not For Sale

When ESPN journalist Darren Rovell first broke the news that the UFC were in advance talks to sell the company, Dana White immediately threw a large bucket of cold water on the story.

“The UFC is not for sale,” White declared to The Las Vegas Journal Review. “The ESPN story is overblown. Darren Rovell is not a fan of facts. His facts could not be further off.”

A month later White was continuing to attempt to bury the story, stating on the UFC Unfiltered podcast that, “With absolutely no proof or evidence whatsoever, people can just say whatever they want. It’s f**king nuts.”

As it turned out, Rovell’s facts were pretty much spot on, including his claim that WME-IMG were one of the interested parties, and that the expected winning bid would be “between $3.5 billion to $4 billion.”

in the end the aforementioned WME-IMG spent $4.2 billion to take the reigns at UFC HQ, just two months after White’s public denial.

  • Murdock


  • ernesto chavez

    Well color me surprised. Surprised that only ten examples were reviewed. The Elmer Fudd look alike, bully, girly-man Mr. White is so veracity challenged we can assume he’s lying as soon as he opens his mouth.

    My sincere apologies to Elmer Fudd one of my favorite cartoon characters. The resemblance is only physical and not of character. I’m wewee wewee sauwee.

  • Hanscowman

    Even though he’s a BSer it is his job to keep the fans guessing. And he did ride a bull which in some people’s opinion is way worse than base jumping.

  • Juan Diablo

    I was the most annoyed by him lying to Pickett and McDonald just to keep Barao a secret. Those are really good dudes and he didn’t even need to get their hopes up like that for something so stupid.

  • thanatos8285

    I don’t deny that he lies, but the guy is a promoter. People act like they’re surprised he lies. That’s basically his whole job. If you get fleeced, that’s your dumb ass.

    • Christopher Flores

      Pretty much. As promoter, you have to give fans a reason to pay attention/for PPVs.

    • Jess Fenchley

      So liar = promoter is OK to you? You are hilariously messed up. I hope you work for a boss that constantly lies to you.

      • thanatos8285

        *sigh* and here we have the exact type of dumbass I was referring to. You think the world operates on right and wrong and that people are bound to the rules of how they’re “supposed” to act or what they “should” do. His job is to sell fights, not be honest. If you’re surprised that he does his job, which is to lie, you’re naive. You’re a child.