10 Times Dana White Went Absolutely Ballistic


Dana OrtizDana White vs. Tito Ortiz

One of Dana White’s  most memorable and longest-running feuds has been with a fighter whom he managed even before he was the president of the UFC, Tito Ortiz.

These two have been butting heads for years, with their fiery business dealings behind closed doors usually at the heart of their disagreements.

The bad blood between them boiled over to the extent that they eventually agreed to fight each other in a boxing match in 2007. White underwent a full training camp while being filmed by Spike TV, but Ortiz eventually backed out at the last minute.

A year later Ortiz left the promotion, citing his fractured relationship with White as a major reason.

“He’s one of the most dishonest human beings I’ve ever met,” White said at the time. “I put up with him when he was a good fighter. He’s not anymore. He’s done. I’m no longer in the Tito Ortiz business.”

The two attempted to bury the hatchet the following year when Ortiz re-signed. He went on to fight for several more years in the promotion before retiring.

However, he then re-emerged to sign for Bellator in 2013, and after making remarks claiming that White was a bully, the UFC President went after him with both barrels.

“Can you imagine trying to do business with that f—— buffoon?” White asked reporters. “Try to have an educated conversation with him. It’s not possible. You can’t have an intelligent conversation with him. I could go to the f—— zoo, go over to the f—— monkey cage and have a better interaction, a more intelligent interaction with the monkeys at the zoo than f—— that buffoon.”

  • Glenn Diestel

    He has done a damp good job looking out for the quality of his product and being the face of the U.F.C..

  • Better Call Saul

    Stud huh. Is Dana proposition Conor? NTTAWWT.

  • Syd

    Is this the same Dana White who said that women will NEVER fight in the UFC and then he went and built a division around Walmart check out chicks and hyped the living crap out of the ridiculously over-rated Ronda Rousey?

    • zack

      yes, i believe its the same guy.