10 Most Controversial Fights In UFC History


Mixed martial arts (MMA) fights don’t always pan out the way they’re supposed to.

Whether for poor game planning, bad refereeing or atrocious judging, plenty of high-profile bouts have escaped normality. In nature, they are good, but at the core they are controversial.

From unknowing submission taps to unrewarded beatdowns, the UFC Octagon has seen many of these disputable occurrences firsthand. So much so that we’ve decided to create a list for these promotional hiccups.

Personal opinions will be had, but here are the top 10 most controversial bouts in UFC history.

10) Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen I

While Anderson Silva’s decisive title defense over Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 doesn’t completely compare to the other fights on this list, it does offer some sense of controversy.

The Brazilian’s fifth-round submission was truly a last ditch effort, but it was Sonnen’s post-fight dispute over him tapping that really surprised the MMA world.

Sonnen has since acknowledged the tap, but referee Josh Rosenthal nonetheless made a great call on the spot and kept the situation from getting any worse by sticking to his guns.

  • TheSPazCORE .

    What about Sanchez vs Pearson? Worst robbery ever most likely.

  • Randey Brophy

    GSP beat Hendrick’s 3 rounds to 2…

  • Just-scrap-nation

    Condit smoked Robbie for the first 4 rounds? Don’t think so. Condit won the first, lost the second because he got dropped, didn’t do enough to steal the round from the champ in the third, dominated the fourth and lost the fifth… It was very close and only came down to how the third round was scored. The only thing that makes this controversial is the strike count. I thought it was close and could’ve gone either way. One of my all time favorite fights!