10 MMA Stars Whose Careers Were Brutally Cut Short


Paddy Holohan

Charismatic Irishman Paddy Holohan had put together a 12-2-1 record in the sport including a 3-2 stint in the Octagon, when he abruptly announced his fighting career was over in April of 2016 due to a rare disorder that affects only one in 5 million people.

It then emerged that, unbeknownst to the UFC, Holohan had actually been diagnosed with ‘Factor XIII Deficiency’ when he was just 8 years old.

A blood-clotting disorder, the risks to those who have it include prolonged, uncontrolled episodes of bleeding both externally and internally, and needless to say that’s a very dangerous thing indeed for a professional fighter.

The UFC only learned of Holohan’s condition while he was being treated for a back injury following a loss to Louis Smolka in 2015, and at that stage, the 28-year-old was informed that it would be impossible for him to be medically cleared to fight in the future.

Holohan was left with no option but to hang up his gloves, but he continues to be involved in the sport as the owner and head coach of the recently opened SBG D24 gym in Dublin, Ireland.

  • HeteroFriendly

    Sudo was the man.
    UFC really fcked up with the original DVD releases when they clipped out all his entrances.
    Which was the normal presentation for all of the DVD’s, but how do you leave out Sudo’s!
    They should at least been special features!

    There used to be a doc on youtube about him in Japanese, I haven’t checked if its still there, but it shows some bits of the entrences and him making his costumes, and it even has a clip of him training and he starts doing drunken boxing from the drunken boxer movies.
    The dude is friggen awesome!

    • HeteroFriendly

      “bought over by WME-IMG last year, leading to significant staff cuts,
      Griffin was one of few former fighters working there who were kept on.”

      I’m glad Griff still has the job if he still wants it, a cool guy, but we all know the reason for that in hollywood is that in between him and Bonner he’s a little bit of a celebrity.

    • Johnny Carcosa

      One of my best ever. I also like his attitude and sportmanship.