10 Infamous Street Fights Involving UFC Stars


Roger Huerta

Former UFC fighter Roger Huerta became a hero in 2010 when he was caught on film beating up a much larger man who had just sucker-punched a woman outside a bar in Austin.

The 5ft 9”, 155lb Huerta witnessed what had happened and immediately went to confront 5ft 11″, 230lb+ Rashad Bobino, who it would later emerge was a former Texas Longhorns linebacker and had briefly been with the Atlanta Falcons in 2009.

”You just punched a f*cking girl?” Huerta exclaimed in disbelief.

”F*ck you, f*ck these bitches, I’ll knock out any f*ckin’ bitch that I wanna f*ckin’ knock out, I’ll knock your f*cking bitch ass out,” Bobino reportedly replied.

The two squared up to each other, but then Bobino ran off, with Huerta in hot-pursuit.

Unfortunately there’s no video of exactly what happened next, but the immediate aftermath is caught on film, with Bobino lying unconscious on the ground, while Huerta lands one last kick to the head.

”I got the better of him and left,” is all the modest Huerta would say after receiving widespread acclaim when the video went viral.

  • Juan Diablo

    Weird, they didn’t talk about the time Chuck got in a fight at a party thrown on the Harvard campus by Method Man and Redman. One of the more memorable, if not short, scraps in 2001

  • Killer

    Faber story is the biggest bullshit ever.

    • Jimmy Chamberlain

      its real i was with him

    • MetusBatmanV3

      Why, moron?

      • Killer

        Because he is barely taller than a smurf and if you have ever heard the story it changes drastically by the day. Off his nuts Metus!

        • MetusBatmanV3

          You think people in Asia are tall, moron?

          • Killer

            you never heard the story.

          • MetusBatmanV3

            You’re a moron.

  • Killer

    Bobino got clipped by the car you can here it. Huerta hit him when he was already down.

  • headlesssoldier

    I stopped right at “knocked him out…then kicked him in the head twice for good measure”.
    Its exactly why I don’t like the ethic of MMA and the people it creates. I actually love watching MMA. I can watch any fight and be interested. Its multi-level fighting. The problem is our world is saddled with too many uncivilized people who basically fed by the civilized. I wouldn’t mind seeing MMA banned in this country.

    • MetusBatmanV3

      You’re a moron.

    • Neil Martinez

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