Top 10 Hottest Miesha Tate Photos


When we talk about some of the hottest women in MMA many fans are going to have their own opinions; however, one name that never fails to be mentioned is UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate.

So, in honor of our new women’s bantamweight champion lets take a look at some of the best shots there is to offer of the beautiful Ms. Tate.


We’ll get the piece rolling by a photo of Tate playing with our heart rates by posing in a stunning jogging outfit.

  • Bill Wolf

    Photos like these can only do Miesha Tate good.

  • aNYagenda

    I clicked on that 22 times.

    This should be a weekly column.

    • apocalypse123

      i approve of all these except modaferri haha

  • leonaidis

    I wish the ufc would get rid of her so she would have to get in to porn!!!

  • MeatCrusher

    Lots of Photoshopping going on in some of those pictures. She will be as huge as Ronda when she stops training. She is borderline.

  • Rob Kline

    Rhonda can’t fight, all she can do is an armbar, she’s really a pathetic fighter.

    • Ryan Kearns

      You obviously haven’t watched all her fights.. shut up. And I’m not even a Ronda fan…

  • aaaaaaa

    Number 3 should be number 1