10 Fighters Whose UFC Careers Ended In Disgrace


When you reach MMA’s biggest stage, the last thing you want to do is burn your bridges by doing something stupid, but as this article will show, whether they are UFC newcomers or all-time legends, some fighters just can’t seem to resist the urge to hit the self destruct button.

From moments of madness inside the Octagon to outrageous behavior outside of it, let’s take a closer look at 10 fighters who managed to tarnish their reputations and damage their UFC careers beyond repair, starting with two sworn enemies who were kicked out of the sport within weeks of each other before they had a chance to settle their differences in the cage.

anderson silva

Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva is a legendary figure in the sport of mixed martial arts, but his reputation suffered a major blow when he became involved in a drug test controversy prior to a fight with bitter rival Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 in 2014.

The fight had already been delayed several times due to Silva being injured, but looked set for UFC 175 until it emerged that not only had the Brazilian not bothered applying for a license to fight, but worse still, had purposefully avoided a random, out-of-competition drug test.

The story goes that Silva didn’t answer the door when drug testing officials turned up at his home, then proved to be evasive when approached later at his nearby gym and ultimately fled out a side door, something UFC President Dana White would later declare to be, “the worst thing you could do.”

The Nevada State Athletic Commission threw the book at Silva, banning him for life, though that decision has since been overruled and he’s currently awaiting another hearing to establish a suitable punishment.

It’s possible Silva may yet fight again depending on the outcome, but it won’t be in the Octagon as he chose the nuclear option following his ban, setting his sites on the UFC with several angry Youtube video rants in which he accused the promotion of fight-fixing and mistreating athletes. In early 2016 he issued an apology and in return, was released from his UFC contract.

  • sadowolf

    10. Wand was my all time favorite fighter before the crazy set in. Sad to see what he became.
    9. His UFC and Fox career may have ended in disgrace, but it sure as hell didn’t stop him from getting work when ESPN and WSOF picked him up in a hurry.
    8. I’m actually surprised that we’ll probably never see Daley in the UFC again. I thought for sure Dana would have gone back on that. He’s had a decent career since, but man what could have been.
    7. Another shame. Palhares was really gaining steam and looked to do big things at 170, but his constant dirty tactics ruined it all. After screwing up in WSOF his career as a legit top 10 guy is probably over.
    6. Yeah the UFC dodged a bullet with War Machine. Things got a bit better with him, and then got MUCH worse.
    5. Cro Cop’s situation was weird. It was disgraceful for sure, but I don’t think his image has suffered all that much since he launched the preemptive strike by retiring. Once the news of the failed test came out, people were disappointed but just kinda thought “well he’s retired anyway.” I don’t see people disparaging him as much as the previous 5.
    4. Honestly Bonnar’s “legacy” really only consists of the TUF 1 Finale fight with Griffin…that he lost. He had a disgraceful exit after getting popped, but did anyone really care about Bonnar all that much anyway? All that was left of his reputation was pretty much eradicated with the whole Tito Ortiz debacle in Bellator.
    3. Silva is the one guy that exited on really disgraceful terms, and he seems to just never have recovered. He really just hasn’t been the same since the loss to Lyoto inside the cage, and with all he’s done outside the cage as well, he’s one of the bigger falls on this list.
    2. Babalu’s exit was pretty disgraceful, but probably mostly seen as unfortunate these days, much like Palhares. Unlike Palhares though, he didn’t continue to do these things after his run. His rep has recovered pretty well from it.
    1. I won’t even get into Browning. He definitely beats Silva in the continuous downward spiral following release category.

  • Richard DeRosa

    Jason Mayhem Miller?

  • Cody Johnson

    dont remember war machine ever in ufc

    • Christopher Flores

      He was a mediocre fighter by Bellator standards. He’s famous for getting KTFO by some “weak” looking kid he’d been trashing the entire build-up to the fight, the weigh-ins, and all the way to the ring. And the whole “I beat the shit out of a porn star then tried to kill myself” thing.

      • Alex

        I didn’t realize mediocre fighters make it in the semi finals of Bellator.

        • Christopher Flores

          Bellator is where all mediocre fighters go.

    • Amir

      Got choked out by yoshida or someone

      • Cody Johnson

        still dont remember the ufc must not have lasted long, wasnt that great in bellator either

    • E. S.

      I hope he’s killed in prison. He’s a waste of space.

      • Cody Johnson

        killed is not punishment, should have the same thing done to him as what he did daily

  • BenDrinkin

    Palhares is one dumb guy.

  • Amir

    Sounds like a rookie journalist for sure …. Should be named “fighters who ended careers in ufc”….

    Wanderlei was a product of gray area procedures for new USADA testing (and he’s about to be licensed to fight again shortly for some old school super fights)

    Paul Dailey is making a killing in Europe with a continued sick career…..

    And although Paul Harris isn’t making as much $$ and living up to his potential, his actions leave him as one of the most dangerous leg log masters (unheard of that people are paying PPV’s for grappling matches…. Until he headlines ie: Polaris).

    Chael and war machine …. Not so much

  • Hk47

    Dana white is a piece of Shit Grinch as fuck

  • Noel Sweeney

    Don’t know much about War Machine but how could a man of his size and apparent fighting ability put his hands on Christy Mack? She’s a little slip of a girl (tiny). Also, why would anyone want to mess up her face like that?

  • Jeff McCue

    You got War Machine and Junie Browning right the rest are not a disgrace. 2 out of 10 is not good.

  • Anthony Brancato

    David Heath did a lot more than show Babalu a “lack of respect” at the weigh-in: He showed up for the weigh-in wearing a T-shirt with a mug shot of Babalu’s arrest at a Florida casino from six weeks earlier on the front of it.

    Heath got one more fight in the UFC after that: He lost to Tim Boetsch, got cut, and he hasn’t been in the Octagon since.