10 Conclusions from UFC 117


Ultimate Fighting Championship promised a great night of action, and it truly delivered. UFC 117 can easily compete with its predecessor UFC 116 for the “Best event of the Year” award, providing all the drama necessary for being remembered as one of the best cards in promotion’s history. Here are 10 conclusions from this entertaining night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California:

Stefan Struve: I expect the Dutchman to be in Top 5 of the UFC Heavyweight division in three years from now. Unfortunately, not everyone develops the same way as Jon Jones. Stefan Struve needs a little bit more time to roughen-up in the UFC. Skills, Heart and Determination are all there. He’s just an unpolished diamond.

Johny Hendricks:  The young Oklahoma-native continued to impress inside the Octagon, this time against the LowKick-favorite Charlie Brenneman. Hendricks finished the fight via the second round TKO, improving his record to 9-0. He’s currently 4-0 in the UFC, with two TKO finishes. Time to bring this kid to the PPV main card, Dana.

Phil Davis: Mr. Wonderful is another example of a young UFC prospect, who moved up in the ladder following UFC 117. Davis dominated the powerhouse Rodney Wallace, before improving his record to 3-0 in the UFC and 7-0 overall. Phil Davis is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and will surely play a huge part in the Light Heavyweight dramas in the future. Fighting the experienced Tim Boetsch could be a start of Mr. Wonderful’s climb up to the UFC 205 elite.

Junior Dos Santos: Unlike many others, somehow I left slightly unimpressed with Junior Dos Santos in this fight. Yes, JDS is one of the best Heavyweights currently competing in MMA, but in my opinion “Cigano” lacked the depth in his striking game against Roy Nelson. Dos Santos threw only one leg kick during the fight, putting most of his emphasis on uppercuts and hooks. Dos Santos has to be much more well-rounded that this against the winner of Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin.

Matt Hughes: I was so impressed with Matt Hughes today. His ability to recover from back-to-back losses against Thiago Alves and GSP and go on a three-fight winning streak against game opponents in the UFC, proves exactly why Matt Hughes is the UFC Hall of Famer. In my opinion, Hughes will be in the mix for the shot at the title during 2011, and I will be not surprised if we’ll have him again as the UFC Welterweight Champ. It may be a severe case of Randy Couture syndrome here.

Clay Guida: Step by step, Clay Guida is becoming a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist. His “Berserk Mode” is already legendary, as everything left now is to collect some victories against top opponents. The fight against Takanori Gomi could be great for Guida, as well as for the Japanese legend, who will look to solidify his place among the UFC 155 elite.

Thiago Alves:  “The Pitbull” looked like a lightweight against Jon Fitch. That weight cut played a huge part in the UFC 117 co-main event. Thiago Alves should fight at 185. Period.

Jon Fitch: Eight consecutive decisions, with last finish coming more than three years ago. That’s more like Tito Ortiz winning his last fight against Ken Shamrock. Sorry Jon, but if you do everything in your power to finish the fight, and you still go to decision: this means you have a problem you should work on. There’s no doubt about Jon Fitch being a Top 5 Welterweight, who deserves a title shot. But first and foremost we are all fans, and we want to see entertaining fights.

Chael Sonnen: Provided another reason to why we love MMA. I said before the fight that it’s if Sonnen truly believes in his abilities to defeat Anderson Silva, we can safely expect a war on August 7th. And that’s exactly what happened. Determined Chael Sonnen did what Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, Forrest Griffin and Demian Maia failed, and that is forcing Anderson Silva to actually display his fighting skills. But in the end, it takes a lot to dethrone a King, and Chael Sonnen came 120 seconds short of what could be the biggest upset in MMA history. Vitor Belfort’s last fight was at UFC 103, and I personally don’t understand how you can be out for more than a year, and still have a shot at the Champ. Chael Sonnen deserves that rematch.

Anderson Silva: At first glance, it looked like Anderson Silva did not want to release his hold on Chael Sonnen. Whether the decision is correct or not, the fighter should release the hold immediately after the referee’s interference.  Despite being completely outclassed throughout the fight, Anderson Silva managed to survive and break the will of his opponent by forcing a tap out. Silva proved he’s a great Champion, and that it will take an incredible effort to take the belt off his shoulders.

Photos: Tracy Lee for Yahoo! Cagewriter

  • I wouldn’t necessarily say Silva was outclassed. That would mean that Sonnen both outsttruck him and dominated the ground game. Sonnen only did 1/2 of that.

    I’d probably say out-wrestled

  • nice review man

    Struve : you see him as a thg in 3 years but he need to put some muscle on. Not necessarly be a body builder, but i think he need to improve is weight.

    Dos santos : like you, i love cigano but he didnt impress me last night. Lack of opportunity and a unidimensionnal way to fight. With a good clinch game and some leg kick, i think nelson would have been gone. need to improve for the title shot.

    Nelson : nice… lots of heart and entertaining to watch. i think hes outclassed against top 5 but he can fight for a while and still be marketable.

    Fitch :i agree with you. whats the use to be the best if nobody want to watch you ?? he need to be more aggressive on the ground

    alves : Man why does ppl from his level dont use legkick more often ? you want to neutralise wrestler… destroy their legs. mma 101

    Silva : nice show of self control and amazing finish. his skin is made of leather to avoid cut all the fight i guess. More impressive with a broken rib.

  • No…He was outclassed. Sonnen even got the better of him on the feet in my opinion.

    And Im a huge Silva fan that hates Sonnen…

  • I’ve got to the point where I don’t even wanna watch Fitch fight again. He’s never going to change the way he fights.

  • Are you kidding me? Did you see that fight? It was effing epic!! I did not expect that at all, not only was he able to connect pretty well on the feet, but while on the ground he was able to get better offense than anyone who took Anderson down. Silva has always had pretty good wrist and body control, and Chael just fought through it. And besides, any man who gets his kick caught, turns on one foot, does a front somersault, and starts fighting again is a beast in my book.

  • Jon Fitch=Boriinnnggg!!!!

  • i think, aldoh sonnens efforts last night were super-human, a rematch would be a bad idea…apparently anderson wasnt 100% in that fight and it was clear that sonnens tactics rocked him…would that hapen in a rematch though? i think that if anderson got another chance at sonnen hed finish him a lot more impressively (and quicker) and i think that mit take away somewhat from what sonnen did last night, which was heroic

  • I’d say the opinions stated about JDS SUCK! He showed great takedown defense, even took Nelson down, He threw TWO leg kicks not one. He also used the jabs and HUGE body punches, he looked great.

  • this is the biggest problem with mma atm, all these wrestlers GSP, fitch and guida to name a few just rolling arround and throwing there opponents about the octagon because its the easyest way to win. i mean yes i know its a major part of mma but going into a fight knowing that the only way the other guy can win the fight is by a lucky/fluke punch…

  • I actually enjoyed the Fitch fight and he had some good stand up. I think it is amistake to say that first and foremost is the fans as it should be the win and the fight. I think we all saw the best of Sonnen and the Worst of Silva which has me believe a rematch would be dominated by Silva. Anderson says he wasn’t 100% and when I watched the fight I would agree that something was missing in his firepower and accuracy. John Fitch is just as exciting as GSP and GSP has lots of fans. Chael over achieved and AS was a weak AS.

  • on the Alves thing. Strikers need to have confidence in what there doing to be effective watch a video of Alves when he isn’t scared of a takedown and then watch him against Fitch or GSP. the people around Alves need to take a look at themselves this weight issues with Alves is nothing new this guy has two options walk around lighter or or fight at MW. what wrong with these professionals.

  • you talk like you are a mma pro or champion. If you kick you will take a risk to get on your back thats one of the main reason why alves didnt kick more mma 101.

  • O wow two leg kicks not one, what a huge difference, and yes dos Santos looked like he had good takedown defense but Nelson is nowhere near as good of wrestler as Brock or Cain, I guarantee you either of those guys will put him on his back just as easily as Sonnen did to Silva and we’ll see what a brown belt under the Nogueira brothers can do.

  • I’m sick of hearing fighters complain about not being 100%. Almost no one is 100% come fight time there are always nagging injuries. Chael was sick a few days before the fight, should he have complained about that and said that maybe that’s why he didn’t finish the fight? A true champ will overcome adversity. If Anderson’s rib really was in bad shape don’t you think that the body shots Chael gave him would have made him cringe? Anderson was just laying there taking those hits. Give me a break.

  • Nice Article. Very Interesting. “Randy Couture syndrome” ~Haha Loved that 😀

  • Adreline makes you tolerate pain. He did not say his ribs were smashed before the fight tho. Something was wrong with him and even Sonnen said it at the press conf.

  • so what your saying is your into guy who do gymnastics?

  • i have to agree jds looked bad tonight roy just coverd up and walked forward and jds pretty much had no answer for it against a much smaller opponent. yes he won but to be the beast everyone thought he was and to beat lesnar,carwin,valezqueuz he would have to do alot better than that

  • if you think dominating someone with wrestling is the easiest way to win youre a fool

  • agreed but you must have confidence. Jon Jones quote ”if you don’t believe in it don’t do it” i’m not disputing he should have used leg kicks but the 1st round of Alves being on his back and struggling to get back up effected his confidence to strike you see it all the time in the UFC.

  • there is no chance in hell silvas ribs were broken before the fight or even fractured before the fight. they might be now but no one his friends family or manager would allow him to fight. you do know that broken ribs can easily puncture vital organs one punch one kick one slam and you could be dead. in all likley hood they are probaly bruised which hurts but isnt that bad

  • @postmortem

    It is the easiest way. Look at all the examples we have in today’s game. It’s dominating MMA right now. And for the most part you can avoid a lot of damage and avoid injury.

  • if Chael dominated so bad for 4 and half rounds and couldn’t even hurt anderson, looks like his gnp ain’t that great after all, if he dominated and outclassed anderson, why couldn’t he finish him, cause he’s just another good wrestler that can’t finish, and anderson is the champ, that’s why! Let the belt speak for itself, even Chael said in the post fight presser that the better man won! Even Chael isn’t on his own nuts as much as some of the clowns on this site are

  • I was definitely impressed by how easily Hughes won. I thought his career was over. Big Dog was his first real test since his losses. Matt passed with flying colors.

  • Great and true article

  • What I can’t understand why there are a few people saying chael dry humped or lay & pray for a decision. Let me tell you the difference between what chael did and rashad did.

    Not once was chael warned or the ref broke up the fight. He was constantly busy. Rashad was literally warned about 11 times and was definitely broken up 3 times.

  • very good article and that was such a great PPV to watch last night i couldnt even believe what i was seeing i cant believe chael caught anderson that as effing nuts. chael sonnen is the real deal.. now he needs to work on that mouth.

  • Why don’t you get in there and finish Silva since you just KNOW that it’s as simple as hitting him. Perhaps you can go and show St. Pierre, Shane Carwin, Rashad Evans, and any other GnP based fighter how it’s done.

  • No, but what I’m saying now is if you’re going to waste my time trying to insult me, I’m sure you can think of something a little funnier than that. Say it with me: effort.

  • Any of you ****ing clowns who dare say that Sonnen DIDN’T outclass Anderson needs to switch to ice dancing. Chael won every single second of that fight until Anderson threw on the submission. Sonnen beat him on the feet, he tagged him hard twice with at least four or five other heavy shots, to Anderson’s one lunging elbow and a handful of tiny cutting ones from his back.

    This fight proved what I’ve been saying all along: If the GSP/Silva superfight ever happens, GSP will dominate, own, crush and destroy Silva. Watch all the ****ers now come out of the woodwork saying they’ve been saying it all along.

    Epic fight. Giving Belfort a title shot after a year’s layoff and 0 fights in the UFC at Middleweight instead of giving Sonnen a rematch would be a travesty. I like Chael’s translation of Silva: Silva’s going to improve his English and do the reality show with Chael and do the rematch.

  • I never saw so much emphasis on the loser before in my life. Anderson showed great resilience in the face of adversity. He is not going to look like he did against Rich Franklin every fight. The title was there for the taking and Chael still could not get it, what does that tell you about Anderson? I am not sure if Anderson was really injured or not, but nevertheless he showed what a champion is. He took everything Sonnen had and still tapped him out in cold blooded fashion with 1minute left to go in the fight. Should Chael get a rematch; No, let the next challenger have a shot. Where does it say, you almost won so you get a rematch. In that case give Shane Carwin a rematch also. Belfort v.Silva next.

  • Maybe if Chael worked more on submission defense instead of running his dam mouth so much. He let down alot of people with his dumb ass, he was supposed to play it safe in that last round. Instead his proud ass was trying to prove a point and got his dumb ass tapped out. Chael should fight Damian Maia next and work on some submission defense.

  • “In all likelihood” you don`t know a dam thing about the injury. All you can do is choose to accept it or not. What we do know is Sonnen tapped in an unclear fashion, so as to try to have a controversial ending; what a bitch. Then tried to act for a second like he did not tap. Its over Beeeeyatch!

  • Chael tapped.Period. The champ can say what he wants to say.

  • What makes Fitch so hard to beat in your opinion?

  • AJY

    We all know how well chael did, he man handled Silva for 4 1/2 rds. I’d say he’s almost as good as gsp in wrestling controling and staying active, on top. His stand up was surprisingly good,I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Chael is for real, and a legit contender to the mw throne. But I believe chael threw the kitchen sink at him, it was his best performance he gave silva everything he had, and couldn’t finish him..so what does that tell u about anderson?
    Silva also showed what he was made of , and your blind if you didn’t notice that. Now that someone finally hit em, we know that silva has a very solid chin, and cannot be finished by anyone easily. How many shots to the face did he take over the course of 5 rds? And sonnen couldn’t finish him, nor did silva quit under that pressure. He carried sonnen on top of him for the whole fight and didn’t gas, look at the fifth round silva still bouncing around and chael was getting tired (from punching silva in the head no less). Thats a warrior right there.
    People fell all over themselves about lesnars toughness after the carwin fight, silva was way more impressive than brock last night, taking that beating for five rounds and securing a perfect triangle/ armbar. The only reason ppl arn’t shitting themselves is cause the standards are so much higher for silva.

  • I would love to be “outclassed” but be on the verge of killing my opponent when he taps. Look it it like this. Chael gave almost 5 rounds of wrestling lessons to Silva and could not finish, perhaps he was waiting for the ref to count to three. Silva gave Chael a short lesson in jiu-jitzu and Chael tapped one minute away from being world champion. Now who outclassed who? Who outsmarted who?

  • man you just made yourself look stupid… big time.

  • hitting someone in both ears is smart….disorients them and it should be used more often….fight smart not dumb. Also Sonnen was sick leading up to the fight, and if Silva was really bothered by his ribs then Sonnen punching it repeatedly would have really damaged it that much more. Both men were not at 100% and Chael was overall better then Silva that night. Tough shit for you, keep making excuses for Silva but give us the courtesy of keeping them in your head

  • He showed dominate stand-up and good takedown defense…When a 263 lbs man falls on u to take u down and u stand back up thats a ****in good job of defending the takedown. Granted it will be different with someone who is not out of shape and has enough cardio to go maybe a round and 1/2 but he still did good. I say he does not need a title shot neither one of them did but hes got one. And i can say im happy that its JDS gettin it rather than Roy.

  • thats what i was seeing when he was fighting. After he got taken downa nd held there in the first round u would think he would want to push the pace standing up when he could bc he HAD to of known that Fitch was going to go for another td but….ALves seemed to be complacent and waited for fitch to do something but when he did Alves couldnt stop it.

  • no one knew of A.S. injury till after. He got gnpd for 5 rounds by the supposedly best wrestler/fighter in the div. Yet who gets their hand raised at the end of the fight??? Silva does not need any excuses, he won, he got his ass whooped but like a warrior and a true Champion he found a way to win. Chael even admitted that “the better man won” so hey i guess Anderson is that good huh?

  • Say outclassed or the multiple fake accounts with a combined IQ of 40 will weak you, just saying.

  • i dont think Anderson took so much beathing in his life all fights together

  • oh shit!!!!……….just another anderson silva fan that doesnt want to admit it. anderson got hes ass kick ok, yeah youre right chael didnt win and anderson IS still the best and the champion but come on he got manhandled and it was beautiful….i think i saw him get dropped 1 or 2 times mmmmmmm. so you know what chael came in there and did exactly what he said he would and for that you gotta give him props. hey i wonder what ed soares was thinking.

  • see theres anotherone right here!

  • yea hes that good. but that beatable also i think his reign is about to end soon

  • i agree, but then again you know that if chael would have won everybody would want the rematch then. so it only fair but anderson should fight belfort frist

  • yea youre just mad anderson got exposed

  • no arguing with you there. What i meant was why Silva’s fans need to bring up excuses when Silva himself mentioned it but didnt intend to use it as a complete excuse. And yes Chael said the better man won but he means the better man won that night. Chael is more then capable of beating Silva cuz he is not “supposedly the best wrestler/fighter in the div.” its becuase he IS the best wrestler and arguably the best fighter in the division. Anderson is that good to barely get the win but Chael Sonnen is that good to where he got caught by a sub after avoiding it for 23+ minutes

  • he didnt let me down he went for it and almost had it, and i think he backed all that stuff up

  • look dude even anderson knows he got his ass kicked standing and on the ground i mean he even gave ufc.com a post fight winner interview in english!!!! you know chael was in that head.

  • Anderson is not undefeated, so what is this “he got exposed” nonsense. Anderson has been submitted before. This over glorification of Chael for “almost” winning is pathetic. As Herman Edwards would say” We play to WIN the GAME.” To seem so intelligent; Sonnen sure did a dumb ass thing by losing in the same manner he always loses in. That means he is not learning. Good fight, but Silva has the belt and bonus check, and his hand raised at the end beeyaatch.

  • I though Chael was going to “retire” Anderson Silva? did he back that up.Chael showed that he is a great wrestler; i already knew that. He showed that he is vulnerable to submissions, i already knew that. He talked a lot and lost.period.

  • Chael Sonnen: “I`m gonna retire this guy” FAIL

  • The biggest conclusion from UFC 117 = Anderson Silva was exposed big time, his stand up sucks and was completely destroyed by a inferior striker.

  • Lighten up..I’m pretty sure it was a joke!

  • Well…My boy Anderson got some divine intervention there. He was dominated the whole fight and managed to still win.

    if they rematch, Chael will bring the same game…thats all he knows. Anderson however ,will work hard on his take down defense and finish Chael in devastating fashion! Chael should have won…he kicked his ass the whole fight ,but he didnt! THAT MUST SUCK FOR HIM!!! LOL

  • 100% spot on

    Chael had his best fight ever, but his best was not good enough to win.

    At the end of the day it is exactly like Carwin vs. Lesnar, Carwin whooped that ass, just not hard enough to win.

  • Exactly.

    Only the champ gets the right to a rematch if they lose.

  • bboy alves! nice pic

  • I disagree. If they have the rematch, then Sonnen will do the same thing he did to him this time. Silva caught him one real good time in the 4th round and I thought it was lights out, but still Sonnen owned that whole fight but the last 15 seconds. Silva was outclassed, out wrestled, and out-fought the whole fight, so give Sonnen his props.
    The only person that deserves an immediate rematch is the champion? Really? Explain Machida and Shogun then? You could even make a claim that Sonnen didn’t tap. He only hit the leg one time, isn’t tapping repeated taps on the opponent or the ground?
    GSP will own this fool. Anyone who thinks otherwise knows absolutely nothing about mma. GSP is a better striker, ground fighter, submission. He is better then Sonnen and anything and everything. If you b*tches want to see GSP finish a fight, give him Anderson Silva. He will finish it on the ground. GUARANTEED! Don’t give me this crap about his ribs where broke, or he didn’t even show up to fight. He was fully prepared and got fully exposed. Yeah, he won, but give it a rest. He got owned the entire fight. Anyone who says otherwise needs to get off of his nuts and go back and wath the fight again.

  • Anderson Silva was just outclassed. From the start up to the 2nd minute of the 5th round. I see it was just a mental mistake from Sonnen by being so eager to finish Silva. He can just maintained control and win the match via Unanimous Decision. The only submission that Silva can make on that point was a leg triangle because his arms was so tired by doing wrist control the whole time and unfortunately that just what happened. I see it just was a very lucky win for Silva. Even though Chael lost, I still admired his courage and he was intimidated by Silva. He really implemented his game plan to perfection save the 3rd minute of the 5th round. Because of that lucky win, a rematch should be done or Silva just to retire to save his perferct record in UFC. If Chael can do it, GSP can also do it. But GSP is much smarter than Sonnen.

  • Yes, but it was just a lucky win, a mental mistake by Sonnen. The rib injury part was just an excuse. Anderson Silva always gives excuse for bad performances. A rematch should be done as soon as possible. Silva vs Belfort will just be playing to the strengths of Anderson, another win for Anderson IMHO, but if really want to prove that he is the P4P king, he must face his weakness which is Sonnen type of wrestling. If not, GSP is the P4P king in my book. Anderson is really lucky that the MW division has few great wrestlers.

  • yeah true, but sonnen did land punches , haha you got weak 66

  • Yes, but still it is a lame excuse. You don’t see Sonnen complaining, all that trash talk was just to hype the fight. Sonnen did tap, in my opinion he shouldnt have tapped. There was still chance to escape in my opinion. Sonnen was gracious in defeat after making Silva look silly almost the whole match. In medium to close range, Silva has weak takedown defense because he is too thin and to lengthy in his division much like Stefan Struve in HW.

  • Yes, you’re correct with that. Even though Chael dominated almost the entire, Anderson still got the win. But congrats to Chael for toring down the invincible image of Anderson. The “exposed” part is that at medium to close range, Anderson has very weak takedown defense. Now I have great confidence that GSP will beat Anderson Silva because GSP is much smarter than Sonnen and also much stronger even if he jumps to MW imo. A rematch to Sonnen or a fight with GSP should be done before Anderson decides to retire.

  • I don’t see Anderson coming up with a better takedown defense because of his lengthiness. The only thing I can think of is that Anderson do lesser kicks.

  • Spot on.:)

  • I don’t know why some people are so defensive of Anderson. They want to burn the tape of the 4 1/2 rounds where Anderson got manhandled. Any analysis of the fight is answered with “Anderson won, the end.” There’s excuses like he was injured, he lost those rounds on purpose, etc.

    Anderson had no answer for Chael’s wrestling. I gotta give it to Anderson, he has a good chin. If they fight again I see the same domination by Chael. If Chael makes no mistake he’ll win by decision or even stoppage, but 25 minutes is a long time to not make a mistake.

    A wrestler is a bad matchup for Anderson and Chael and GSP are the best in the business. GSP has even better takedowns than Chael and he fights smarter, he won’t make a mistake.

  • 21 people thought it was funny mate

  • I don’t think it was his much of his lack in power or finishing ability, in my opinion it was more of Anderson’s heart and toughness, he showed why he was the champ by taking that punishment and showed it will take a lot to put him down

  • yes i agree, a lot of MMA critics think if you don’t show all your abilities in one fight then it must mean you don’t posses them, different fighters call for different strategies, sure JDS is young and has a lot of learning but that doesn’t mean they can take anything away from him

  • yea i think with Brock, Cain and Shane we will just be taken down for the majority, sure he may train in bjj under the Nog brothers but his style has shown us he likes to strike so it will be interesting to see him when he gets to the ground wether he is a unique ground fighter or a defensive ground fighter, i think if he had ground skills equal to Nog or Mir then he would be a juggernaught

  • Great article with some great points. Anderson did not break Chael’s will though.

  • if anderson got his ass kicked why don’t you compare the two fighters faces and see who’s face is all jacked up. chael out wrestled him and out worked him, but in the end he got caught. four rounds of dominating a fight don’t mean nothing if you can’t win, but i would pay to see the re-match with those two again.

  • Re: The tap. There’s no controversy. Chael didn’t try to pretend he didn’t tap. It was a single reflex tap, and a lot of fights have continued because the Ref ignored the single reflex tap when he saw the fighter struggling to hold his hand back from tapping. Indicating that he’s still trying. Lesnar had to tap about a hundred times, for five minutes, with Frances wrenching on his knee. It’s really common for a good ref like Herb to ignore that panic-tap when they see that the fighter doesn’t follow it with a second, that they’re holding their hand away trying not to tap. If the ref hadn’t stopped it after that one tap, that would have been normal, and reasonable. If a person is tapping, they tap a lot, and fast, I think it’s fine for a ref to use their judgment in distinguishing between a single (often unintentional) tap, versus a tap tap tap. One is clear, one is not, refs should maybe always wait for the 2nd tap.

    But, it was a good stop, because he did tap. I doubt he realized he panic tapped the one time, it’s not as though he thinks he’s going to argue his away around the 500 cameras recording him. The review was clear, and fast, and the right decision was made. It was a minor non-incident, and it’s proof that replay needs to be used more in scoring MMA. A lot of points have been taken away for reasons like a ref’s obstructed view. No reason not to review that stuff and take a point or give a point back. Refs can’t be perfect.

    Chael didn’t do anything wrong. The ref didn’t either. Neither did Anderson maintaining position while the tap was in dispute for 3 seconds. He wasn’t trying to break Chael’s arm, he was just trying not to lose position, because he knew if he did for some reason, he’d continue to get his ass kicked.

    But yeah, doesn’t it seem reasonable for the refs to wait for a second tap? The ref told Lesnar and Shane before the fight that he’d give then three chances to prove that they’re fighting back before stopping the fight. That’s that ref’s own clever solution to help him manage a critical and important potential judgment call. And, it was effective, he made a good call that many other refs would have dropped the ball on. And imagine that, the mistake would have changed MMA history. Like in Lesnar’s first fight. It was going to be the fastest knockout from a debut rookie fighter ever. Lesnar would be undefeated. And he would have fought someone other than Frank the second time, and completely changed the rotation.

    Warning cards also would be a good thing for the UFC to take from Pride.

  • Crack kills your brain cells haywood.

  • You’re right. Chael is fantastic.

  • That made zero sense.

  • Nice integrity there John1202

  • Anderson has mentioned the ribs a couple times since the fight already. He always attaches “but it’s not an excuse”… Fighters almost never go in to a fight 100%. He was smart not to publicize it because it’s something for Chael to attack, but of course he keeps mentioning it as an excuse.

    I don’t see Chael getting sloppy when he’s got a huge lead in the rematch. Maybe he’ll just keep the fight standing?

  • Easiest way to win, it’s called having the best skillset. Watch boxing maybe?

  • I like it jnegro, because it’s a different look at ground-fighting. Why would anybody want to limit MMA to JJ on the ground? Wrestling is interesting too. It’s interesting to see the differences, like Lesnar and Chael never putting hooks in when they take someone’s back. They’d rather just let their opponent pivot and roll underneath them to maintain top position. It’s a much more efficient use of energy. And more effective at maintaining dominant position.

    Much easier for a wrestler to to gain basic submission skills to keep with JJ fighters, than it is for a JJ fighter to gain the basic skills needed to wrestle.

  • adolph sonnen, hah that’s so weak. Anderson was dominated in every aspect of the game. It’s just reality. Four and a half 10-8 rounds for Chael.

    FYI Chael was sick too.

  • You seem to think the 99% to 1% theory that chaels domination was that bad. In round 4 at the beggining AS had him in a bit of trouble with strikes but Chael Survived good for him but Chael went down for a reason and even he wouldn’t have dispenced of the notion that it would be a mistake to tackle AS on his feet even though he was able to get the better of it in 2 of the 3 major exchanges because it is logical that if there were 10 exchanges it would have been 3 of the 10 in all likelyhood.

  • Well with Machid vs Shogun the winner by most accounts was Shogun and the judges were under a lot of scrutiny over there judgeing in those days. This was plain and simple a loss. There is not controversy in it.

  • apparently i was right because soares just relaesed a statement that silvas ribs were bruised

  • I completely agree with every bit of that. Anderson will toy with Vitor standing, and win that fight 7 times out of 10 I think. Anderson’s hands are just unreal. The reason Chael was able to beat him standing was because he got in his face and roughed him up, instead of bouncing around playing his game. Anderson was always off balance getting abused and paranoid about the take-down. Paranoia about the take-downs kept his hands low and made his striking clumsy. I already considered Georges the #1 P4P, I’m not sure if this fight confirmed that or not… I don’t think Anderson was exposed at all. I think people didn’t realize what Chael was bringing to the table. Anderson got Travis Luter the same way when he was on his back getting pummeled. Now Chael. I can’t believe Chael will go in to a rematch without learning how to avoid that better. Anderson was controlling his wrist a lot, and Chael didn’t seem to be paying attention to it, I was cringing waiting for it… Chael vs Georges would be exciting. I’m not sure fighters tend to pressure Georges like Chael would.

  • Fitch is smart, that’s why he’s tough to beat. He isn’t quite on GSP’s level, as GSP finishes more fights and is better all round, but aside from not being as good as GSP he is definately top 3.

  • Actually fighters have strict medicals prior to fighting in UFC,and Silva would not be permitted to fight with a broken rib as it carries major health risk.

  • I been saying Silva is overrated for a long time, world class striking but no where near top 3 in p4p terms IMO. I actually thought Sonnen didnt stand a chance despite Silva being overrated as I didnt rate him, but credit where its due. Lapsing focus 23 minutes into fight aside, Sonnen was superb. Silva is a tough cookie but overrated. same as Brock Lesnar is.

  • name me 1 middle weight fighter who took non stop ass whooping for 4 n half rounds and then submits his opponent….. chael is tough but not tough enough to beat anderson silva, Silva showed alot of heart he proved everyone tht he is the true champion, And gave clear message to all his opponents. Great respect for silva..

  • so your telling me if you had the wrestling skills that fitch has you would rather strike with a guy and win? i think not you silly boy. useing your strength to hold your opponent down is by far the easiest way to win a fight without risking being knocked out buy great strinkers like you saw in the fight and the gsp vs hardy fight. i am right and you know it.

  • ok ill go watch boxing because your allways coming up with gr8 ideas. i dont know why ppl are allways voting weak on your comments.

  • couldnt of said it better myself japanegro, thats why i didnt.. but anyway well said.

  • A. Silva won that fight in pure Fedor fashion. Looked like he was getting his azz whooped the whole fight then a miracle submission happened. Gotta give Chael credit he came in and did everything he said he would against sillva, short of winning, and had a great fight, at the same time though it looked like silva did more damage from the bottom than Chael did on top. In any event, silva is lukcy he got that triangle because he was definately going to lose that decision.

  • fitch is a really strong wrestler thats why hes hard to beat just like gsp.

  • First time I haven’t weaked you I think.

  • Didn’t hurt Anderson? He went right to the hospital after the press conference.

  • how does chael deserve a rematch……….HE LOST FAIR AND SQUARE.

  • this is completely biased you praise chael for losing but bash anderson for winning?!

  • @Ston3pony
    chael shouldnt keep it standing in the rematch. Sonnen should work on chokes. he had Silva’s back a couple time in that fight he can hop onto it and choke him out. or get an arm triangle. hell he should learn leg locks since he stands up in Silvas guard while Silvas legs are straight up. Silva has long legs so he can easily snatch it and secure a sub right there. That and like you said Stonepony, learn to relax in the guard and “LnP” just a tiny bit to avoid subs

  • WTF!!! Steven Seagal destroyed with Silva´s game plan…
    When Silva used the BJJ finished the fight!!!
    Leave Seagal and his aikido to trash action movies…

  • i said aldoh, as in a-l-t-h-o-u-g-h, not adolph lol

  • props to chael for that fight.However i think this is exactly what silva needed ,remember no one has ever really fought him like chael did . I can see this re igniting silva and i expect to see him coming back better than ever. After that fight we should all know better than to count silva out.

  • Sonnen will never be champion until he can finish fights. Every champion today is a finisher . Im already thinkin next ufc ,I wonder if bj penn will get his belt back? I think so..

  • i see the light

  • @onemoreround

    Ofcourse, it’s cool to hate him. So what if chael threw everything but the kitchen sink at him for 20+ minutes while he only showed sparks and seconds of offense? So what if he’s not even visibly hurt after all of that, and still ended up winning anyways? None of that is impressive because his name isn’t fedor and clearly he has no sugar on his posterior.

  • thts tru but he did look rele tired late in the fight but so did big country

  • @ dromios: ur required to go to the hospital after every fight dumbass.

  • It looked like Sonnen wasn’t all that smart after all.

  • I liek hwo john fitch is criticized for winning 8 fights, but not finishing, and they talk about how it’s bad for fans. yet, in the very next analysis, it praises chael sonnen who has not won 8 fights straight, and when he does win fights it’s by grinding to a decision, and that’s what fans like?

  • Best mma event for me, better than ufc 107…

  • What does John Fitch and Michael Jackson have in common?

    – They Both wear gloves for no reason.

  • Sonnen’s face is evidence of Silva doing what Muai Thai practitioner’s do. Elbow in the clinch and in short distances. Sonnen’s brawler style strikes just aren’t as effective a technique at cutting. Silva did take enough shots that he should have shown more wear, he probably has 100 points in “Head toughness” (video game reference)…

    Sonnen messed up when he decided to sit back in Silva’s guard punching his stomach. Silva landed a solid shot that hurt Sonnen, Sonnen covered up keeping that arm close to his head, allowing Silva to wrap on it. Sonnen should have stuck to the game plan, and laid into Silva punishing him.